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Eligibility Criteria for Registration

A person to be eligible for registration as a Voter must:
** Be a Bhutanese citizen as evidenced by a citizenship identity card;
** Be not younger than eighteen years of age on the qualifying date as per section 122 of the Election Act;
** Be registered in the civil registry of that Demkhong and having his/her Mitsi and Gung in that place for not less than one year, prior to the qualifying date; and
** Not be otherwise disqualified from voting under any law in force in Bhutan.

Disqualifications for Registration

A person shall not be eligible for registration as a Voter if he/she is:
** Of unsound mind as declared by a competent court;
** Disqualified for the time being under any law in force in Bhutan; and
** Registered in the Electoral Roll of another Demkhong.

The name of a person disqualified from registration based on disqualifications in section 7.1 shall be struck off from the draft Electoral Roll. Provided that the name of the person struck off from the Electoral Roll shall forthwith be reinstated in it if such disqualification is removed under a law authorizing its removal.

Applications for Voter Registration

An eligible Voter who has not been included in the Electoral Roll shall submit an application in the Electoral Roll Form No. 1 along-with a copy of their citizenship identity card to the Registration Officer of the constituency for registering their name in the Electoral Roll for the Demkhong.

The Registration Officer shall after scrutiny enter the applicant’s name in the Electoral Roll of the Demkhong with approval of the Dzongkhag Electoral Officer under intimation to the Chief Electoral Registration and Boundary Delimitation Officer.

Collection and Compilation of Voter Information from the Civil Registry :
** The Registration Officer shall when necessary carry out the verification with the Civil Registry on the genuineness of the citizenship of an applicant for inclusion in the Electoral Roll.

** The Registration Officer shall when necessary carry out the verification with the list of registered members from the Religious organization for exclusion of religious personalities from the Electoral Roll.

** The information that shall be verified with the Civil Registry are to be limited to the name, sex, permanent address, citizenship identity card number, date of birth and the Photograph of all the eligible Voters.

Issuance of Voter Photo Identity Card

** A VPIC shall be issued to a registered voter enrolled in the Electoral Roll by the Registration Officer of the Demkhong as prescribed by the Commission.

** The VPIC shall be sufficient evidence to allow a registered voter to vote at an election for that Demkhong. However, in the event of a challenge to the identity, the concerned Voter shall produce the citizenship identity card as additional proof.

** The issuance of VPIC shall be carried out until the Poll Day.

Issuance of Notification for Disqualification of Voter :
The Registration Officer shall refuse an application for voter registration, if he/she is of the opinion that the :
** Name is fictitious;
** Name is not specified in the Citizenship Identity Card; and
** Person is not eligible to be included in the Electoral Roll under the Constitution or the Election Act.

The Registration Officer shall notify the person excluded from registration in writing, stating the reasons for such disqualification within ten days of submission of the application for registration.

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  1. I want to know, will ID card work in place of VPIC card for NC election 2018?

  2. Please check my postal ballot registration. My ID number is 10310000387.

  3. Congratulation ECB for successfully completing the 2016 LG Election. I’m proud to be in the Team fulfilling my duty as an Assistant Chief Election Coordinator.

  4. How we will know our poster ballot is submitted?

  5. Election of local government heads in Bhutan went smoothly. Great example to other great and old democracies in the world. However some illiterate and some old people could not exercise their franchise because of the differences in the voter cards as reported by BBS. If voter cards can be made just like the driving license or ID card I think this confusion can be avoided. The difference in one vote is all that counts.

  6. I am not registered says the dialog box. How can I register as I am unable to open the Registration form?

  7. I am already registered in postal ballot and I have sent the application form also. Now how do I know that I am eligible to vote?

    1. My poster ballot is rejected. Why?

  8. Is it necessary to have epic vote card or epic number with us even during the time of postal ballot?

    1. Nandi Kishore Dahal Khamethang

      What is the last date for submission of application for postal ballot?

  9. We are not yet confirmed with the date of registration for postal ballot and from where we are supposed to get epic card?

    1. We are not yet confirm with the date of registration of postal ballot?

    2. Now you can register for the next election 2018.

  10. how do we find the VPIC number if we lost the VPIC voting card?

    1. Vpic and id no is same. So don’t worry.

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