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Facility : Check Voter Enrolment
Country : Bhutan
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ECB Check Voter Enrolment

** Select Election Type
** Enter CID/VPIC No.
** Click Get Button

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Field Details

You will get the following details :
** Name
** Name (Dzongkha)
** DOB
** Gender
** Address
** Polling Station (NANC)
** Polling Station (LG)
** NA Demkhong
** LG Demkhong

Biometric Registration for Voters

Election Officials from the Head Office and Chhukha Dzongkhag with the help from Dzongkhag Thromde Census Division carrying out Biometric Registration of the voters in Phuentshogling Thromde from from 8th to 10th october

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  1. Change of polling station. Pl guide

  2. Procedures for change of polling station. Pl guide.

  3. Still our voting card had not been reach in our hand so I want to ask if we could vote using CID card. Please reply me early.

  4. My spouse has registered for postal ballot but when I checked in registration list it’s says not registered. For that, what can we do. The poll day is approaching near.

  5. Please tell, Do we have to get new VPIC or 2013 VPIC?

  6. Please reply, How can I vote from the place of my posting?

  7. How can I register for postal ballot?

  8. I am coming to vote in 2018 election from Dubai but, I don’t have voter card due to expired.

    1. You don’t need a voter card. As long as you have your CID and it should be okay.

  9. Can I get my voters ID here in Manila? Even I am a voter from Mindanao.

  10. I need to know voter turn out of Paro Tromde.

  11. How can I register for postal ballot?

  12. Who got the Gup of Shongphu Gewog?

  13. We need voter card.

  14. I’m from Tsholingkhar maed demkhong(Tsirang) and I was facing difficulty in sending my postal ballot application form last month. I tried to get the email address of my concerned demkhong from ecb help desk though emails several times but, ecb didn’t respond me and so, I got an email id of Tsirang Dzongda and emailed it, requesting her to kindly forward it to my concerned returning officer / demkhong. As of now, neither I have received postal ballot nor, any information of the application being rejected.
    Addition, I’m now at Pemagatshel and neither I can reach polling station nor, I’m allowed to personally vote, had I been arrived there. One vote cast went in vain.
    CID No : 11811000951

  15. Chandra Kumar Homagai.

    Where is my polling station?
    Id no : 11305002999

  16. I want to know the No of Returning Officer of Bongo Chapcha Demkhong.

  17. How can I check weather I have registered in election?

  18. I haven’t got my postal ballot yet from Panbang returning officer. I have registered and sent my form. Hope I get in time.

  19. How can I select my favorite candidate in postal ballot?
    IC: 11109001155

  20. Our concerns are even if we vote anybody for (NC, MP or LG) nothing is going to improve. It is like the old wine in the new bottle. So people are reluctant to cast their one day democratic rights by incurring huge expenses / expenditure.
    Election and ministry of Home (immigration & census) are interlinked for census data and why not the concerned office check when citizens reach the age of voting rights and prepare their voter cards ready for all citizens above 18 years automatically whether they vote or not. Why every citizen have to ask permission? Why people have to e-roll or register when everything are in one place (immigration and census office server)?

  21. I have sent my application for postal ballot but the returning officer told me that I have to register with ECB but how can I register in ecb?

  22. I went to vote for Gup n Mangmi today.
    I have my voting card but my name is not there in their register book. But my other family members names are there. They says I have to do e-roll.
    So is it my responsibility to do e-roll?

  23. Tika Ram Chhetri, Kinga Wangmo, Dema

    How to register for Postal Ballot? It is to appraise that we are the employees of project. We have already submitted for registration for the same through our office, some where in the month of April, 2016 but some of our friends have been registered and some are yet not registered..
    1. How come it some got registered or some not
    2. Now how to get registered
    Could esteem concerned officers highlight in this regard please.

  24. How to register as new voter?

    1. Register for LG Election.

  25. How can we send the application for postal ballot form to our respective Demkhong when we are away from our Demkhong?

  26. What about the students who are studying in various school about the postal ballot registration?

  27. Dear Sir/Madam
    Let us know exact time schedule of LG election, And we need to renew or change the VPIC or not? as because i have to prepare my journey before time my home town is S/J Samrang and I am staying at Trongsa have to go across the Assam.

  28. Why checking of voter enrollment is not working? When ever I search voter enrollment in google it says out of reach.

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