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Socialist Party France Apply For Membership :

Organisation : Socialist Party France
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : France
Website :

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France Socialist Party Membership

The history of the PS is part of a long fight, waged from generation to generation, by women and men who have never resigned themselves to the injustice, the unreason, the inequalities that are rampant all over the world. Join us ! To be a socialist is to commit to changing lives. Everywhere, all the time. It is the commitment of each of our members that feeds us and enriches our exchanges. Wherever there is a fight, there is socialism!

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How To Apply For France Socialist Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for France Socialist Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Join us!”
Step-3 : Enter your personal details and fill the form
Step-4 : Accept & agree with terms & conditions
Step-5 : And click on the button “Register”

Socialist Party Values

** Our values ​​are at the service of human progress in all its dimensions: individual emancipation , the redistribution of wealth , ecological preservation , democratic sovereignty , the conquest of new rights .

** The upheavals at work in the world imply that socialists reformulate their conception of progress in the face of the new challenges of global warming, new technologies with multiple consequences, a new geopolitical order, but also the affirmation of a reactionary bloc and anti-republican in France.

** For our values ​​to enlighten the new century, we have a duty of fidelity and inventiveness

** We want emancipation. The emancipation of the human person goes hand in hand with collective emancipation. It combines individual autonomy and social justice, personal recognition and collective solidarity, self-realization and the common good that begins with respect for the planet.

** We cherish democracy. Our vision of representative democracy is demanding. We reject back to back oligarchic and populist temptations. Citizens must be able to participate, be informed, associated, active. Reform is our method of social transformation: it always aims at human progress.

** We build real equality. It is primarily in the aspiration to equality that the separation between left and right is forged. No free humanity without individuals liberated from inequalities of situation, income, destiny! No free humanity without equality between women and men: socialism is a feminism.

** We believe in progress. Against the ideologies of decline, we have confidence in the future and in human genius. For us, if knowledge and science contribute to individual and collective development, they must be used in their uses to preserve the planet and to fight against poverty, oppression, prejudice, obscurantism.

** We work for social justice. We want to transform society in the service of the greatest number.

** We affirm the primacy of politics over economics. We act within the framework of the market economy. We act at all levels to mobilize energies in order to make the general interest prevail. We reject the market society where everything is bought and sold.

** We have collective energy . Humanity experiences itself in altruism, not selfishness. The individual cannot be solitary, he must be united.

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