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People’s Republican Union (UPR) Party Apply For Membership

Organisation : People’s Republican Union (UPR) Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : France
Website :

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People’s Republican Union (UPR) Party Membership

THE UPR NEEDS YOU! You can contribute to the development of the UPR in many ways, depending on your availability, your areas of expertise and your motivation. If you want the UPR to develop, it is therefore up to you to choose and to act. Join Us.

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How To Apply For People’s Republican Union (UPR) Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for People’s Republican Union (UPR) Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “I adhere”
Step-3 : Choose your membership method
By Internet
** Pay with your credit card.
** The payment being immediate, secure, and without possible transcription error, it is by far the method of payment that we recommend.
** Given the fact that the UPR operates with few employees, this payment method greatly simplifies our task .

By cheque
** To join by check, please print, complete and send the membership form below along with your payment (payable to AFUPR) to the following address:
75011 PARIS

By monthly direct debit
** Direct debit is a simple and secure way to make a recurring donation to the UPR.
** You can suspend the direct debit at any time. To set up dematerialized direct debit,
** If you prefer, you can print and complete the direct debit mandate below, then return it to us by post at:
75011 PARIS

Step-5 : Choose the membership type (Individual/Relationship).
Step-6 : And proceed further to complete the Membership registration.

Join The People’s Republican Union (UPR) Party

Frequency required for this action Once a year
Time cost Instantaneous, by transfer, by check, or by online payment on our site
Money cost From €10 or €30 minimum to €7,500 maximum
Ability to remain anonymous Total
Need to appear publicly Nothing

** Those who wish to get more involved are obviously welcome to join the UPR. Our memberships start at 10 €, which is the amount of the annual contribution for students, RSA beneficiaries, the unemployed and people in great financial difficulty (the presentation of a supporting document is required).
** The single contribution is set at €30 for a single person and €45 for a couple.
** The support contribution is set at €50 for a single person and €70 for a couple.
** The contribution of benefactor member is fixed between 200 € and 1499 € per person.
** The membership fee for founding members is set between €1,500 and €7,500 per person.
[Nota bene: – members can naturally make payments higher than the normal amount of the chosen contribution; the excess is then considered a donation. – the law prohibits contributions of more than €7,500 per person and per year].
** The growth of our young movement allows us to improve the service offered to our members.

In return for paying their membership fee, each member will now receive:
** A personal card (which entitles him in particular to free admission to François Asselineau’s traveling conferences and soon access to the new forum reserved for members)

** Of course, joining a political movement is a significant decision that cannot be taken solely in view of the advantages it brings. The UPR being convinced that the great return of the French to politics can only be made on the basis of behavioral dignity, intellectual rectitude and absolute programmatic clarity, we hope that our members fully and unreservedly share our analyzes and our proposals.

** This is why we invite anyone considering joining the UPR to first take the few moments necessary to read or re-read our Founding Charter adopted on March 25, 2007, online on our website /founding-charter .

** Each member of the UPR is indeed supposed to have read this brief 6-page document and to share without reserve or ulterior motives its political and ethical orientations.

** All our members can also testify that this text corresponds well to the way in which we actually act on a daily basis. The cleverly vague and ambiguous programs, the political cynicism taking the place of conviction, the small electoral arrangements made with the adversaries behind the backs of the militants to ensure the elective mandate of such and such a leader, in short, the manipulation and contempt for the members who are the common lot of all French political parties, starting with those who virtuously claim “Gaullism” or “sovereignty”, none of this finds its place in our movement. Those who join will have the immense satisfaction of seeing this.

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