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Srilanka National People’s Power Party (NPP) Apply For Membership :

Organisation : National People’s Power Party (NPP)
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Srilanka
Website :

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New Democratic Front Party Membership

To liberate this country from the devious, failed, incompetent, opportunistic, and gluttonous political groups that have been ruling since the so-called independence from the imperialists, destroying the country and plunging it into a deeper abyss than it was before. We aim to build the largest people’s force that rebuilds and protects the country, that produces people’s representatives who are truly accountable to the people.

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How To Apply For New Democratic Front Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for New Democratic Front Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link.
Step-2 : In “Come forward together with us” enter your name
Step-3 : Enter your Email ID
Step-4 : Enter your Contact Number
Step-5 : Click on the button “Join Us”.

National People’s Power Party Policies

Quality Of Education A Civilized Citizen
** “Education is considered to be a universal human right. Fair access to education should be provided to all without discrimination.
** Attention must be paid to all nationalities and people with special needs, as well as to the neglected/marginalised sections of society.
** From pre-school to tertiary education, the state must bear the necessary funds and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the infrastructure, including human and physical resources, necessary to sustain the free education process.“

Quality Health Care A Healthy Citizen
** “According to the World Health Organization, health is not only the elimination of disease or disability, but also the attainment of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.It contributes to social development”

Building women’s power
** “We reject the status-quo of deep inequalities in our society. We strive for a society where freedom and equality for all are guaranteed, free from violence and oppression”

A Quality Life A Steady Economy
** “Building a sustainable economy and distributing its benefits equitably among the people will be the basis for building a sustainable Sri Lanka.
** Modern knowledge and technology acquired by the world should be taken into consideration for the future needs of agriculture, fisheries, plantations, and industries.
** To elevate the status of Sri Lanka on global platforms, we need a strong foreign policy and a national security system that redefines state borders and the security of the people. Achievements in all these sectors will help to build a strong Sri Lanka”

Eco-friendly Efficient transport service
** “A people-oriented system, as opposed to a profit-oriented business, has to be created considering the common transportation needs of people in the country.
** This economically viable and sustainable government policy must be efficient, reliable, safe, and respectful of all people”

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  1. i would like to join npp and get a member ship

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