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Srilanka New Democratic Front Party (NDF) Apply For Membership

Organisation : New Democratic Front Party (NDF)
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Srilanka
Website :

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New Democratic Front Party Membership

The primary objective of the National Democratic Front, which extends beyond traditional political parties, is to create a prosperous Sri Lanka. For that, we are committed to the public service by denying all privileges on behalf of the people. We call back to the motherland the ‘gentlemanly politics (Mahatma Politics)’ that has faded from this country after the national leaders of the past. Let’s get together. Let’s work together.

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How To Apply For New Democratic Front Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for New Democratic Front Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link.
Step-2 : Click on the button “Get Party Membership”
Step-3 : Enter your Name with initials
Step-4 : Enter your National Identity Card No Number
Step-5 : Enter your Birthday
Step-6 : Enter your Phone number
Step-7 : Enter your Address
Step-8 : Enter your District details
Step-9 : And click on the button “Submit”.

New Democratic Front Party Obliged Sacrifices

For that we are obliged to make the following sacrifices :
1. Reject The Monthly Salary For The Members Of Parliment
** Public pays a salary to each member of parliament and arranges to provide a pension.

** But our party is committed to serve the public, without getting a salary or a pension.

** It is our ultimate goal to create a public service that is not maintained by Public money.

2. Refuse Using Government Quarters And Bungalows As Official Residences
** All cabinet ministers, state ministers and deputy ministers who will be appointed from our party will rightly reject the facility of allocating government owned bunglows as their official residences.

** A very small amount is recovered from the salaries of the ministers for those bungalows.
Water bills, electricity bills and all maintenance of the said official residenses are done by the internal administration division of the relevent ministry.

** Since all the money spent on it are public funds, our party will reject obtaining thr facility of government owned official residences.

3. Refuse Using Government Vehicles
** If the people’s representatives of our party hold cabinet ministerial positions, deputy ministerial positions, state ministerial positions or any other government positions, they are bound not to use the government vehicles owned for any purpose.

4. Refuse Enjoying Even A Cup Of Infusion From The Cafeteria Of Parliment Using Public Money
** In an era where there are many stories related to the cafeteria in Parliament, at a time when the people of the country are going hungry without food, we cannot enjoy delicious meals in Parliament Cafeteria for a very small amount of money.

** Therefore, our party is bound not to enjoy even a cup of tea from the canteen of the Parliament with public funds.

5. Refuse To Travel Abroad At The Expense Of Public
** We are committed to cover all diplomatic travel expenses from our own funds without using public funds.

** By making those sacrifices, we are committed to overcome the current economic crisis and make our motherland an enlightened state in the world through a rational, creative, practical and systematic program by healing the minds of the people.

** We are already strong with a wall of people, who are brave and conquered the world through successful entrepreneurship and management.

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  1. peoples of Srilanka expecting any election ,They need reduced the consumer price ,local government election not a solution for current situation in the country , provenanceial council canot find a solution for poor peoples in the this country

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