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Election Commission Of Sri Lanka FAQs On Postal Voting :

Organization : Election Commission of Sri Lanka
Facility : Frequently Asked Questions
Country : Srilanka
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FAQs On Postal Voting

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs On Postal Voting

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1. To whom is the postal voting facility provided?
** State officers who would be engaged in election duties
** Officers and servants engaged in essential services
Personnel of three services, police and Civil Defense Force engaged in security duties in all over the island

2. What are the methods available for the postal voters to obtain information when they submit applications for postal voting?
** Electoral registers of all districts where the election will be held, are exhibited in District Secretariats.

** Electoral Registers of Divisional Secretariat areas are made available in respective Divisional Secretariats.

** Electoral registers of Grama Niladhari Divisions are made available at respective GN offices.

** Information can be obtained from the list of registered voters affixed to the receipt of BC forms distributed house to house at the revision of voters register.

** Information on registered voters can also be obtained by calling the telephone number 1919 of the Government Information Centre. The applicant can obtain the polling district number and the serial number when he gives the full name, NIC number, district of residence and the GN Division.

3. What are the instances where postal voting application is rejected?
** When the name of an administrative district is incorrect
** When the person is not eligible for postal voting
** When the information in the application and the electoral register do not tally
** When the Serial number given for the name is not correctly written
** When the applicant has not duly signed the application
** When the application is not certified by the Certifying Officer
** Late receipt of the application by the Returning Officer
** When the applicant is not expected to be engaged in election duties

4. How to find out whether the application is accepted or not?
** By informing the applicant whether the application is accepted or not
** This letter is sent to the voter with a copy to the certifying officer
** A copy of the letter is sent to the private address of the applicant, it is considered necessary

5. Who can be present at the time of issuing postal ballot papers?
** The staff on issuing duty
** One representative appointed by the Election Agent or Authorized Agent of a contesting candidate.

What are the instances where the issue of postal ballot paper could be rejected?
** When it is detected or proved otherwise that one voter has two names

From whom should the signature be obtained on the declaration of secrecy?
** From the certifying officer for postal voting
** From the Returning Officer/Assistant Returning Officer or by himself in the case of a postal voting certifying officer

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