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Australian Family First Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Family First Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Australian Family First Party?

Family First Party believe in strong safeguards for workers and family businesses. By supporting tax and family benefits, our policies make it easier to raise a family. Families should be given the freedom to make their own choices about their health, education and their livelihoods. We believe in properly funding our economy to ensure a strong future for the next generation.Join Us Today!

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Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on Join Us -> Become An Number
Step-3 : In Become a Member form enter your personal information
Step-4 : Agree with terms and conditions
Step-5 : Click on the “Click Here To Send Your Membership Application” button

Education Policy Of Family First Party

** Family First will defend parents’ rights to choose schooling that supports their family’s values and needs and will recognise the parental role as primary educator of their children;

** We will oppose any attempt to weaken equal opportunity provisions that uphold the religious freedom of schools including in employment;

** We will support a broad and thorough curriculum that respects the Judaeo-Christian values that form the basis of our heritage and system of law.

** We will support teaching students character and life skills development including basic financial management.

** We will promote and support measures to reduce class sizes and increase literacy levels.

** We will support funding that ensures no child is disadvantaged because of geographical, social or economic factors.

** We will promote increased levels of accountability to parents and the community.

** We will support reforms that promote improved research, teaching and learning outcomes.

** We will promote teaching as a noble vocation that should be one to aspire to, properly paid and well resourced.

Health Policy Of Family First Party

** Family First will support the right of every family to invest in private health insurance that meets their needs and incentives to increase take-up of private health for those who can afford it.

** Family First will advocate for medical school places necessary to meet demand, especially in rural and remote areas; and those where attracting GPs is difficult.

** Family First will promote respect for all stages of human life and oppose legislative moves that weaken the first duty of the medical profession: to ‘do no harm’.

** Family First will support measures that ensure access to affordable dental health care.

** Family First will urgently advocate for an end to ‘ramping’ of ambulances.

** We will support public health programs in areas such as encouraging healthy eating, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption. We support programs aimed at overcoming problems of drug abuse, combating gambling and other addictions that are devastating for families.

** Family First will work to ‘close the gap’ in health outcomes for Aboriginal South Australians.

** Family First will promote better mental health and suicide prevention programs, adequately resourced.

** Family First will support sufficient resourcing for the NDIS and for disability services within the South Australian health and community welfare system.

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