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Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch Membership?

Have your say in Victoria’s future. Apply to join Victorian Labor today.Join Us Today.Follow the bellow steps to join in Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch.

Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the “Membership” link
Step-3 : Select “Join Victorian Labor”
Step-4 : Enter the Administrative Details
Step-5 : Enter the Contact Details
Step-6 : Chose your Declarations
Step-7 : Enter the Payment details
Step-8 : Click ont he button “Make Payment”

Workers Rights In Australian Labor Party

Every person has the right to fair pay and a fair go in the workplace.
The Community Action Network is committed to empowering volunteers and organisers to support Labor’s fight for workers and their workplace.

Our Labour Story :
** Since 1891, the day a group of shearers met under a ghost gum in Barcaldine to organise for better wages and conditions, Labor has been the party of working Australians.
** Today, Labor is still fighting to protect those wages and conditions and creating the local jobs Victorian families depend upon.

We Can’t Do It With Out You :
** It was Labor governments supported by people like you that stood up for workers and introduced legislation for ground-breaking reforms like superannuation, penalty rates, weekends, annual leave, equal pay for women, workers’ compensation, health and safety.
** These conditions weren’t granted by employers out of the goodness of their heart – organised workers had to fight for it.

About Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch

** The Australian Labor Party is Australia’s oldest political party, dating back to before Federation.

** The ALP was first formed in Queensland in 1891 and, during the ten years that followed, separate Labor parties emerged in other colonial states. All were sponsored by the trade union movement, which participated actively in the foundation of the infant political movement.

** The ALP became a federal party when the former Australian colonies federated in 1901. As a federal party, it is 20 years older than the Country Party (now known as the National Party) and 45 years older than the Liberal Party.

** The Victorian Branch of the ALP was formed at Federation, and was built on a history of labour movement involvement in the Victorian Parliament.

** The ALP, both nationally and in Victoria, is a genuine labour party in the sense that trade unions are part of its structure. This distinguishes a labour party from a social democratic party (although they may have common ideals and philosophies) and from broad-based progressive parties such as the United States’ Democratic Party.

** Like Australia itself, the ALP is a federal organisation. Each state and territory has its own branch, with its own membership, rules and policies. These branches come together to form a national ALP organisation.

** This is expressed most visibly through the National Conference and the National Secretariat, which are responsible for determining the Party’s national direction and administration.

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