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Australian Fusion Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Australian Fusion Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Australian Fusion Party Membership?

Join Fusion is a merger of parties working to improve Australia’s future.Vote Fusion for action on the climate emergency, a federal anti-corruption commission, and a plan for the future. Join Us today.

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Join for free”.
Step-3 : Read about membership description
Step-4 : In Party Membership form fill your details
Step-5 : Click on the button “Sign up”.

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Join Australian Fusion Party

** Join Fusion and make a difference!
** Small parties are under attack, so we’re becoming a larger party – broadening our membership base, geographical reach, and policy scope.
We are Fusion, a merger of five organisations:
** Science Party
** Pirate Party
** Secular Party
** Climate Emergency Action Alliance – Vote Planet
** Climate Justice
** Fighting the dystopia, corruption and economic inequity of today’s politics, we bring our specialist focuses of acting on the climate emergency, unlocking the future, free culture, and secular humanism to the fore.

Education Policies Of Australian Fusion Party

Education for Life :
Education gives minds, young and old, the language to dream their future, and the inquisitiveness to bring it about.
Education, by its very nature, is the ultimate plan for the future; it is the belief that time and effort spent learning today will be justified multiple times over by the gains it will produce in the future.
Today’s students are tomorrow’ scientists, engineers, artists, writers and leaders, so any investment in education is an investment in the country.
** Teaching for modern life
** Needs based funding + Gonski reforms
** Universities for education, not profit

Fund all stages of education :
** As the economy, technology, and the world changes, we need to ensure that people have access to the relevant education and skills as industry evolves.
** Circumstances may force some transitions, while others will be in response to new opportunities.
** It is important that children and adults alike are prepared for the changing needs of life.
** Access to education to be readily available, not limited by distance or location, supporting optimal utilisation of information and technology as the world rapidly evolves
** Implement needs based funding (Gonski reforms), which remain unaddressed since 2013
** Incentivise teachers to work in disadvantaged, rural, and remote schools
** Provide training and support for workers transitioning from disrupted industries and professions to related positions in newly enabled industries.

Individual Freedom Policies Of Australian Fusion Party

Individual Freedoms :
** Society is fundamentally comprised of individuals.
** Each of us is unique in our education, experiences, circumstances, thoughts, and beliefs, and these differences should be allowed and encouraged equally for all.
** Constitutional bill of rights
** Freedom of speech
** Voluntary assisted dying
** Marriage equality
** Guarantee to privacy

Freedom of speech :
** Speech is the cornerstone of the enlightenment and the safeguard for all other liberties, protecting not just the right to speak, but the right to hear, understand, and judge the ideas of others.
** Free speech underpins our ability to think, create, innovate and progress.
** Remove censorship, blasphemy, and other laws against speech

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