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Christian Democratic Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Christian Democratic Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Christian Democratic Party Membership?

Get Involved to change the world Australia’s only registered national Christian political party! . Join Us Today


Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Join the CDP”
Step-3 : In Membership Application Form fill it with your Personal Details
Step-4 : Click on “Next” button
Step-5 : And proceed further to complete the membership

Christian Democratic Party Member

Become a member of the CDP :
** If you become a Member of CDP, or renew your Membership, you may elect to contribute your dues as a small amount each month from your Credit Card or Bank Account to go directly into the CDP account until you advise to the contrary.

** If you prefer to be a Supporter of CDP without becoming a member, you may also contribute a set amount, determined by you, from your account to the CDP account.

** Membership fees (or pledges of on-going financial support) are vital for CDP to enable the proper consultation among our churches, professional research and polling of community attitudes, the employment of staff to build CDP and support Branches in all Electorates.

Policies Of Christian Democratic Party

Law & Order :
** Law and order is a foundation of society’s social order and business confidence.

** As such it needs to be balanced with a moral social code, effective law enforcement, and an efficient judiciary and a wisely governed penal system that seeks to restore convicted persons where possible to good contributors to society.
** Including a fundamental position of ‘One law for all’.

Economy :
** The economic decisions made for a community determine the financial well-being of each person in that community.

** A healthy economy is one where people are able to get a meaningful and sufficiently remunerated job that allows a balance between work and non-work times.

** CDP holds to ensuring a healthy environment for business to start and grow, ultimately contributing to job growth and a stronger economy for the country.

Education :
** Quality education is fundamental to a prosperous and equal society.

** Education must be about instilling life skills and training students towards life beyond the education system capable of diverse career choices.

** The so called 3R’s (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) and parental rights to have a say in their children’s education must be foundational of the education system.

** CDP supports Special Religious Education (SRE) and Scripture classes as a mainstream option in our schools, and a basic right for children to explore the faith of their family.

** Equal access and protection for Christian Tertiary Education, removal of Safe Schools and Gender ideologies.

Environment :
** Human survival globally is dependent upon the natural world. We are called to be stewards of the environment, ensuring the right balance is struck between the good and sustainable use of the earth.

** This means we support sustainable use of the envrioment, proper conservation and to ensure biodiversity. Our living world is the environment in which we live and we must live with the consequences of how we manage it.

** Economic paradigm of maximising exploitation of the natural resources must be balanced with a caretaking and sustainability paradigm.

Social Security :
** The responsibility of a civilized society is to care for the vulnerable, marginalised, elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged.

** In Australia this has been managed through policy of a safety net which needs to be sustainable and fair and available for those who genuinely need it.

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