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Australian Liberal Democrats Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Liberal Democrats Party
Election Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Liberal Democrats Party Membership?

Join Liberal Democrats Party and make a free and flourishing Australia. Join Us today.

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the button “Join”
Step-3 : In Join the Liberal Democrats click “here”
Step-4 : Fill the form with your details

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Step-5 : Click on the “Next” button to complete it.

Join the Liberal Democrats Party

** General and Concession memberships are valid for a one year period.Lifetime memberships are valid for a twenty five year period.

** All financial memberships come with voting rights at party general meetings. Associate (free) members help us remain registered with electoral commissions!

** The Party’s Constitution may disallow you from being a member if you have been convicted of certain offences and it permits the National Executive to reject an application for membership where it is not in the interest of the Party.

Membership Categories :
There shall be two categories of members Categories:
Individual members: Individuals who have applied for and been accepted as members in their own right and not as representatives of an organisation or group.

Affiliate members: Organisations that have applied for and been accepted as affiliate members, provided that the individuals who belong to such organisations shall not become individual members of the Party by virtue of their membership of that organisation.

Individual Membership :
Individual membership of the Party is open to any person who has not been expressly excluded from membership, has not been convicted of a disqualifying electoral offence within 10 years before the person applies to become a member, and who agrees to comply with this Constitution.

Affiliate Membership :
Affiliate membership of the Party is open to any organisation that has not been expressly excluded from membership and agrees to comply with this Constitution.

General :
A person wishing to become a member shall complete an application form or application forms as prescribed by the National Executive. The National Executive may prescribe the use of online forms available on the party’s website. The person must specify details including full name, residential address and other details as prescribed by the National Executive. The person shall lodge such forms in a manner prescribed by the National Executive, which may include submission via the party website. An organisation wishing to become an affiliate member shall apply in writing to the Secretary.

Principles Of Liberal Democrats Party

The following Principles represent its enduring values.

Economic Principles :
** Free markets and freedom of choice
** Small government, low taxation, limited government spending and regulation
** Widespread ownership of private property

Social Principles :
** Civil society and volunteerism
** Civil liberties and individual freedom
** Individual liberty and personal responsibility under the rule of law

Government Principles :
** Constitutional liberal democracy
** Ethical and impartial government under the rule of law
** Devolution of power including decentralized government and competitive federalism

International Principles :
** Free trade in goods, services and capital
** Free trade in ideas and culture
** Freedom and human rights

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