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Secular Party of Australia : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Secular Party of Australia
Election Name : Apply for membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Secular Party of Australia Membership?

Join Secular Party of Australia and be socially and economically liberal, we are the only party that stands for comprehensive secularism.Join Us today.

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Join”.
Step-3 : Click on the ” Membership application form ”
Step-4 : In Party Membership form fill your details
Step-5 : Pay the membership amount
Step-6 : Click on the button “Click here to proceed”.

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Education Policy In Secular Party of Australia

** The Secular Party recognises the societal benefits of a well-funded and high-quality education system.
** This is best provided by teaching based on universal values and principles, and school curricula founded on reason and evidence consistent with academic expertise.
** Currently, funding is inequitable and fails to properly resource students with complex needs, leading to disadvantage.
** It also promotes the segregation of students according to their parents’ faiths.
** To address these issues, the policy of the Secular Party is as follows.
** Firstly, if the financial resources available per student in a private school, including those provided by school fees, exceed the standard resource per student, government funding will be reduced accordingly and used to help bring disadvantaged public schools to the required standard.
** Secondly, to qualify for government funding a school must teach a secular curriculum, admit students and employ staff regardless of faith, and all religious activity promoted by the school must be voluntary and conducted outside school hours.
** The Secular Party also supports an adequately funded tertiary education sector.
** The future economic health of the country depends upon investment in education.

Economic Policy In Secular Party of Australia

** The Secular Party stands for the use of balanced judgement in economics, rather than any ideology.
** We recognise the general need for balanced budgets, but do not accept free market fundamentalism.
** In cases of market failure, government intervention is required.
** We recognise that Australia’s role as a major resource exporter is a significant factor in determining Australia’s economic future.

Law and Justice Policy In Secular Party of Australia

Incarceration :
** The Secular Party recognises the need for incarceration to prevent harm, to foster reform and as a deterrent.
** Revenge should not be a motivation in punishment.
** The Secular Party advocates policies that stress rehabilitation, crime prevention and harm minimisation.
** It is therefore the policy of the Secular Party that all laws be enacted such that they apply equally to all citizens.

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