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Update: From the   Official Twitter of COMELEC Philippines:
You may call  at 525-9296 to check for your precinct number

COMELEC Application for Correction of Entries

Application for Application for Change / Correction of Entries / Inclusion of Record in the Book of Voters and Reinstatement of Name in the List of Voters

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No Bio, No Boto

After 15 February 2013, when Republic Act No. 10367 was signed into law by President Benigno S. Aquino III, all voter registration records must have biometrics information.

This means that when you go your local COMELEC office to file an application, your biometrics data will be captured using the COMELEC’s Voter Registration Machine (VRM). The VRM makes use of a digital camera, a fingerprint scanner and a signature pad to capture your biometrics data.

Due to this new law, all previously registered voters without biometrics are required to subject themselves to biometrics capture through the validation procedure. All concerned is given until 31 October 2015 to comply with this requirement.

The absence of biometrics in the voter’s registration record would cause COMELEC to deactivate the concerned registration records. When that happens, the concerned voter shall not be allowed to vote in the May 2016 elections.

This new biometrics requirement has led to the #NoBioNoBoto campaign, which aims to spread awareness to all concerned.

To verify if your registration record has biometrics data, you may use the Precinct Finder facility in this Site.

No Bio / Incomplete Bio

A listing of voters per city/municipality has been provided in this Site in order to facilitate the dissemination of information to those still without biometrics or with incomplete biometrics data in their registration records.

Since the resulting list will display names only, you may be able to inform your family, friends and neighbors that they have to go through with the registration validation process in order to have (or complete) their biometrics data.

To be sure whether you really are the person the list, click on the corresponding name to complete the verification procedure using the Precinct Finder. (You can also use the Precinct Finder directly in order to perform individual verification.)

COMELEC will also not be able to print the Voter ID cards of voters with incomplete biometrics data.

Main Office

The COMELEC main office is located at the Palacio del Gobernador at the corner of General Luna St. and Andres Soriano Jr. Avenue in Intramuros, Manila. At present, it occupies 2-1/2 floors of this building, together with the Landbank of the Philippines – Intramuros Branch, the PAG-IBIG Fund – Intramuros Branch, the Intramuros Administration, and the Bureau of the Treasury. Most of the COMELEC offices are housed in this building, including the Offices of the Chairman, the Commissioners and the Executive Director.

Some departments of the COMELEC main office are housed in nearby buildings, such as the COMELEC Annex Building to the back of Palacio del Gobernador, which is on Postigo St. near Puerta de Postigo by the Intramuros Wall. The office which issues out the Voter Certification to the public is located here.

The Shipping Center Building, also along Andres Soriano Jr. Avenue and right across Plaza de Roma and the Manila Cathedral, but just to the left of the Palacio del Gobernador, houses the Education and Information Department (EID) and the Administrative Services Department (ASD) of COMELEC.

Landmarks :
The most famous landmark in Intramuros which is near the COMELEC office is the Manila Cathedral. Although Fort Santiago is also just a few meters away, this is not visible from the main road that is Andres Soriano Avenue. Another indicator that you are already near the COMELEC main office is the Intramuros Fire Sub-Station which is just across the left side of the Palacio del Gobernador, where the Intramuros Branch of the Landbank of the Philippines is located. There is also a couple of famous fast food chains one corner away: Chowking and Greenwich.

Mailing Address :
Use the following address in sending regular mail to COMELEC :

Palacio del Gobernador
General Luna St.
Intramuros, Manila 1002

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  1. How can change my birthday po, then are you still releasing a Voters I.D ?

  2. How can change my birthday po, then are you still releasing a Voters I.D ?

  3. ho, can i change my signature, my signature in comelec is different on other documents

  4. mam/sir,
    good eve.ano po ang dapat gawin Kasi po ang voters ko Naka married e single po ako at ang year ng bday ko dapat 1992 nakalgay 1993,paano at saan po ako makahingi ng tulong regarding dito salamat po

  5. hello sir/ma’am can i change my signature in voter certification ? i’m a grade 9 student that time i was to register to be a voter and i want to change it because it can easily copy it by anyone.

  6. Good day admin can i ask how can i update/change mu signature?

    1. Any update?

  7. i would like to know my previous precinct no. what should i do?

  8. Norlyn Pajanustan

    Hello po.Can I ask if I can still change my signature because I really need to improve it due to a reason that it can easily be copied.Thank you so much.

  9. 1. How to change voter’s address (Makati to Bulacan)

  10. How can I change my name from single to married?

  11. My husband’s bithplace is incorrect. What to do?

  12. Tell me, can I change my signature in voter’s registration?

  13. Please tell me, what are the process that I need to do, if there is an error in my address and I want to be change?

  14. My mom used my dad’s surname, but they aren’t married. Can we have it corrected? How?

  15. I want to know, how can I change the address and status of voter certification?

  16. I applied for registration last 2009, so 9 years ago. Have created signatories to other government ID’s new signatory. I didn’t know how it will affect my records at that moment and did not think about what I did because I am still young at that time. How can I change my signature in my Comelec ID to the signature I am using now?

  17. Good day, this is lifted from CEF-1D.
    “That said change/correction is necessary and valid as evidenced by the attached certification/order of the court”.

    Does this mean that we have to secure a court order before any correction from the entries can be done? Are there any alternatives? After the necessary request for correction is submitted, how many days after the new ID can be released?

    1. How can i correct my wrong birthplce in my voter’s certification? I was born in manila, in my birth certificate its the same, but in my voter’s certification my birthplace is PAMPANGA.

  18. Can I change my last name? I want to change it.

    1. Application form for Application for Change/ Correction of Entries/ Inclusion of Record in the Book of Voters and Reinstatement of Name in the List of Voters is uploaded in the above post.

  19. I need to change my birth place and make chanegs in my name. Whom can I contact to make the changes?

  20. I need to change my address in same municipality. Please help me.

    1. Where to I sent the form after signing for reinstatement of status.

  21. Edilyn Galang Del Rosario

    Can we change the marital status in Voter’s ID? I got married recently.

  22. How can I correct my birth date online?

    1. You can use this link to make the changes.

  23. My birth month is wrong in my ID, and I recently got married, how do I change these, and what are the requirements to make the changes?

  24. After downloading the application form above, what to do next in correcting my name in voter’s ID?

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  28. My middle name is incorrect. How can I change it?

    1. My middle name has 1 incorrect letter. How can I correct it? Please help.

  29. Paolo Ricardo Benedicto

    I wanted to know how I can update my date of birth on my voter’s ID.

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  36. How can I apply for a change of status?

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  38. What are the requirements of changing status in voters id? And when can I change it? Is it anytime?

  39. Can I change my name in voters certificate and how?

  40. I need to change my last name.

  41. After downloading the forms, do I have to answer all this forms? and what’s the next step after answering the forms?

  42. My middle name is incorrect.
    What should I do to make it corrected? Can I correct it through online?

  43. Can I change my birth month anytime on your office here in Manila? My registered place was in Samal,Davao City.

  44. Maryjane Delacruz

    What are the requirements for the change status? I have the LCR marriage contract only and old id of my voters.

  45. I need to correct my middle name. What are the procedures/requirements?

  46. My middle name is incorrect.
    What should I do to make it corrected. It’s the one of my requirements to apply abroad. Please tell me how.

  47. Rosalinda Moralde Bueno

    I registered here in phil. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2 years ago but my name is not in the list.
    I wanna cast my vote. Kindly help me .

  48. I am a registered voter here in Brgy.Salvacion Bobon Northern Samar. I have done the biometrics last 2013 and last month our Barangay had the biometrics again and I was not informed and yesterday I found out that my name is not included in the voters master list? Can I still have a chance to vote? Can I apply for late registration?

  49. I am here in canada and my name is incorrect. What should I do?

  50. Is it possible to file a correction of entry now? Or if not, when is it possible? Need the correction asap.

  51. My first name was wrong. What should I do and what are the requirements to be needed.?

    1. Download the above for correcting your details.

  52. How I can take my id?

    1. The voter ID cannot be printed without the biometrics data. Doing so would defeat the purpose because there will be no way of identifying the person to whom the ID belongs without an image of a face to connect it to.

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