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Organization : Commission on Elections (
Facility : CEF1 A Application for New Voter Registration
Country : Philippines
Download Form Here :
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From the Official Twitter of COMELEC Philippines:

You may call  at 525-9296 to check for your precinct number

Voter Care Center Hotlines :

COMELEC New Voter Registration

Blank Application Forms in PDF format are available for download for later accomplishment.

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Blank CEF1-A: Application for New Registration, which is for those who have never filed an application since June 1997 (or since July 2012 for ARMM residents);

These downloadable files already contain the three (3) required copies as follows:
** Copy for the Election Officer;
** Copy for the Provincial File;
** Copy for the National Central File.

** It is important to ensure that all copies have the same written information.

** For queries, comments, and suggestions related to the use of downloadable forms for filing your application, you may send an email to Please do not forget to include your name and city/municipality of registration, and other relevant details, in order to address your concern properly. Rest assured that your report will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Other Downloadable Forms :
Other forms are also available for download for the following uses :
** Blank Supplementary Data Form for use by Persons With Disabilities (PWDS), by Senior Citizens, by Indigenous People, and by Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICC) in providing information on their need for assistance or for accessible polling place on Election Day;
** Blank Certification for Registration of Applicant whose name is not found in the National List of Registered/Deactivated Voters (NLRDV) for use by the Office of the Election Officer (OEO); and
** Blank Request for Replacement of Voter ID.

iRehistro (Online Forms) :
Online Application Forms (OAFs) are available in this Site for online accomplishment via the iRehistro Project.

Rehistro is intended to provide an alternative way to accomplish the Application Form using the Internet. Form accomplishment is expected to be greatly facilitated because information has to be entered only once, with the three (3) required copies being automatically generated for printing purposes, as follows
** Copy for the Election Officer;
** Copy for the Provincial File;
** Copy for the National Central File.

There is no need to verify that all copies have the same information because it is guaranteed by the process.

The only thing to check is that the one-time provision of information has been done accurately.
The old saying still goes: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Consider this improvement over the manual writing of the same information on the three (3) required copies of the accomplished form.

Additional Service for Metro Manila and Baguio City Residents, and for Overseas Filipinos

There is an additional online service available for Metro Manila and Baguio City residents, together with overseas Filipinos, aside from being able to accomplish the Application Form online.

An appointment date for biometrics capture may be scheduled by the applicant. This will be an option that will be presented by iRehistro to the applicant after typing in his (or her) personal information.

For Overseas Filipinos :
If you are an overseas Filipino, there is a version of iRehistro for you since the Application Forms are different are different than the ones being used locally

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  1. I’m an employee of ncr and i served as chairman during election , then i file a transfer of residence in the comelec (not sure if they process my trasnfer), but now bumalik ako sa ncr where I live now. Pwede po ba ulit magpa transfer of registration record.

  2. Akinwande yusuff afolabi

    How can are apply don’t no wat too do

  3. I registered in 2002 (not sure) but never voted, never got my ID because I am always abroad in every election. Should I register again?

  4. My brother’s birth date is wrong on his voters id? What can I do? He needs it for passport application.

  5. I used my husband last name but, there’s a problem. I checked it out that our marriage is not registered! I went to to get all my documents and I used single now. Only my problem is my voter. I want to change to my last name.

  6. Can I try again to the Comelec for registration because I forgot my signature? I need help.

  7. I am having trouble finding my precinct. I can’t do the research. Is anyone here to help me?

  8. Edmilyn Floraine Baldicañas

    I have a voter id and my name listed in my precint# but our brgy captain said that I have no biometric when I check on the website of comelec. I already have a biometric. I want to know if I cant vote in this coming may 9th election.

    1. If you did your biometric na you can vote already.

  9. How to locate Precinct Number?

  10. Marvin miscala lim

    I am having trouble finding my precinct number. Can you help me?

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