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Organisation : Virginia Department of Elections
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Voters with Special Needs :

How and where can I register to vote?
Any person, regardless of their disability status, has the right to register to vote at any office or agency that provides such a service.

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These offices include but are not limited to:
Department of Health (VDH), Department of Social Services (DSS), Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services (DBHDS), Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH), and the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired (DBVI). Your local Registrar’s Office also has registration forms and should be able to accommodate any special need.

Is curbside voting still available for those who wish to use it?
Yes, curbside voting is still available for people ages 65 and older, or any person with a physical disability. The voter shall be afforded every opportunity to vote in a private and independent fashion, but voting equipment must remain in the view of the election officers.

Will I be able to get into the polling place on my own?
Federal and state laws mandate that all polling places, including all locations for in-person absentee voting, must be fully accessible to elderly voters and voters with disabilities; state law further requires curbside voting be available at all these locations for voters age 65 or over or with physical disabilities. See above discussion of curbside voting.

Voters with continuing disabilities may apply annually to receive absentee ballots for all elections within a given year using the Annual Absentee Ballot Application.

Is the voting equipment in my polling place going to be accessible?
State law and federal law (the Help America Vote Act) require every polling location in Virginia must be equipped with at least one accessible voting system that will allow all voters with a disability to vote the same private and independent manner as a voter without a disability.

I understand that with the changes in elections services I should not need assistance from anyone, but can I still have assistance if I wish to?
Yes, you can. If any voter who requires assistance in voting due to a physical disability or inability to read or write can receive assistance if they request it. Any of the officers of election can advise you of your rights in this area.

Are people with cognitive disabilities allowed to register and vote?
Yes. A registered voter with cognitive disabilities can be eligible to vote if not adjudicated mentally incapacitated by a court of law.

What if I feel that my rights to accessible registration and voting have been violated?
Please document your complaint using the Voter Complaints area of our website. You may also contact your voter registrar or electoral board locally or the Department’s Accessibility Coordinator Terry Wagoner at (804) 864-8937 or email: terry.wagoner [AT]

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