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What’s on My Ballot :

Enter Registered Voting Address

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The ballot information displayed is based on the address provided and does not confirm your eligibility to vote. In order to vote in the November 7, 2017 election, you must have registered by October 16, 2017

About the Voting Information Tool :
The Voting Information Project (VIP) works to connect voters with the essential information needed to cast their ballot, such as where to vote and what is on the ballot. It is a project between The Pew Charitable Trusts, Google, and the states.

Launched in 2008, VIP works with state and local election officials to provide official election information to citizens through a variety of means, including the Google Civic Information API.

The Voting Information Tool is one of the many made available through VIP, ensuring official election information is accessible to voters before and on Election Day.

Who Conducts the Elections in Virginia? :
** Local Electoral Boards
** Officers of Election
** General Registrars
** Virginia State Board of Elections
** Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT)

Local Electoral Boards :
Every city and county has a three-member Electoral Board.
The following is a list of the main duties of your Electoral Board :
** Appoints the General Registrar for your locality.
** Appoints the Officers of Election for your locality.
** Trains the Officers of Election.
** Removes a General Registrar or Officer of Election who fails to discharge his or her duties.

Performs other duties assigned to it, including :
** Purchases and maintains the voting equipment used in your city or county.
** Prepares your ballots.
** Administers the absentee ballot process.
** Conducts the election.
** Certifies of the results of the election.

Officers of Election, also known as “Poll Workers”

There are Officers of Election in every polling place on Election Day. They have two primary jobs – to help you vote and to make sure all votes are properly counted.

Their specific duties include:
** Preparing the polling place for Election Day, including opening the voting machines and making sure they work properly.
** Opening the polls to voters.
** Checking voter identification to ensure voters are eligible to vote.
** Giving demonstrations of the voting equipment.
** Offering assistance to any voter who requests it.
** Directing voters to the voting machines.
** Making sure each voter’s ballot is properly counted.
** Maintaining order in the polling place.
** Closing the polling place when the election is over.
** Obtaining the count of votes from the voting equipment and reporting the results to the Electoral Board.

Other information about Officers of Election :
** As much as possible, political party representation should be equal at each polling place.
** One officer is designated the Chief Officer and another the Assistant Chief for each polling place.
** Officers of Election are paid both for attending required training before the election and for working on Election Day.
** The amount of payment varies from locality to locality

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