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Organisation : Virginia Department of Elections
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Country : Virgina
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Voting Systems :

The Code of Virginia ยง 24.2-626 assigns responsibility for procuring voting equipment to the local governing body.

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Local governing bodies have the authority to purchase and are responsible for maintaining local voting systems. The State Board of Elections certifies equipment for use in Virginia.

The voting equipment totals spreadsheet presents a snapshot of equipment usage statewide reported to the Department of Elections by the local voter registration offices. It is subject to adjustment and change at the local level over time.

Voting Equipment & Electronic Pollbooks Certified for Use in Virginia :
The voting systems listed below have been certified for use in Virginia elections as of July 1, 2012 using requirements and procedures approved by the State Board of Elections. Please contact Eugene Burton for system version, vendor contact, or any other additional information.

Electronic pollbook certification requirements and procedures were approved by the State Board of Elections on May 13, 2015. Information about electronic pollbooks can be obtained by contacting Eugene Burton.

See notes following the chart for voting systems vendor updates.

Model | Vendor | Equipment Type :

Accu-Vote OSPremier Election SolutionsOptical Scan
Advocate (v. Pollbook System
AskED ePollbookRobis ElectionsElectronic Pollbook System
AutomarkElection Systems and SoftwareMarksense Voter Assist Terminal
Ballot NowHart IntercivicOptical Scan
DS200Election Systems and SoftwareOptical Scan
eScanHart IntercivicOptical Scan
EViD (v. 2012.2.5141.20790)VR SystemsElectronic Pollbook System
ExpressPoll 4000 (v. Systems and SoftwareElectronic Pollbook System
ExpressPoll 5000 (v. Systems and SoftwareElectronic Pollbook System
ExpressPoll EZRosterElection Systems and SoftwareElectronic Pollbook System
ExpressVoteElection Systems and SoftwareMarksense Voter Assist Terminal
ImageCast Central (ICC)Dominion VotingOptical Scan
ImageCast Evolution (ICE)Dominion VotingOptical Scan
ImageCast Precinct (ICP)Dominion VotingOptical Scan
InsightSequoia Voting SystemsOptical Scan
M100Election Systems and SoftwareOptical Scan
M650Election Systems and SoftwareOptical Scan
M850Election Systems and SoftwareOptical Scan
Optech III PESequoia Voting SystemsOptical Scan
Patriot MSUnilect CorporationOptical Scan
PollPadKnowINKElectronic Pollbook System
OpenElect Voting Central Scan (OVC)UnisynOptical Scan
OpenElect Voting Interface (OVI)UnisynADA Voter Assist Device
OpenElect Voting Optical Scan (OVO)UnisynOptical Scan
Verity Voting 1.1Hart IntercivicOptical Scan
WinscanAdvanced Voting SolutionsOptical Scan

EPB = Electronic Pollbook
Premier Election Solutions voting systems interests were acquired by Election Systems and Software and Dominion Voting Systems in 2009. These companies support Premier equipment.

Advanced Voting Solutions no longer supports voting equipment. Election Services Online provides support for their systems.
Dominion Voting Systems acquired Sequoia Voting System in 2010.

*Prior to entering into any contractual agreements for this solution, the locality must review the contract with the Department of Elections in its role as data owner and the Department of Elections must approve the contract language related to data security standards and the Department of Elections must be able to audit the installation of this solution prior to its being deployed for use in any election.

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