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Electoral Office of Northern Ireland : Apply For an Electoral Card

Organisation : Department of the Environment
Facility : Apply For an Electoral Card
Country : Ireland

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Apply For an Electoral Card :

If your Electoral Identity Card has expired, you do not need to renew it to vote at a polling station – identity documents produced at a polling station are no longer required to be current, as long as the photograph is of a good enough likeness to allow polling station staff to confirm the identity of the holder.

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Please note:
hats or head coverings are not permitted in Electoral ID Card photos except when worn for religious or medical reasons and only if the full facial features are visible.

You can apply for a card in person or by post.

The deadline for applying for an ID Card for the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 is 10 June.

Applications may be made in person at any Area Office where your photograph will be taken for the card free of charge (you will not need to provide identification if you apply in this way, provided you are listed on the electoral register). You will need to provide your National Insurance Number on the form.

1. Complete the registration form in full and tick the Electoral ID Card box.
2. Enclose a colour, passport-sized photo with your name and date of birth written on the back.
3. Enclose either one of the forms of photographic identification listed below or a declaration (see below) completed by an MP, MEP, MLA or Councillor
** A UK, Irish, EEA or Commonwealth driving licence (photographic part) (provisional accepted)
** A UK, Irish, EU or Commonwealth passport
** A National Identity Card
** An expired Electoral Identity Card
** A Translink Senior SmartPass
** A Translink 60+ SmartPass
** A Translink War Disabled SmartPass
** A Translink Blind Person’s SmartPass
** A Disabled Persons Blue Badge issued by the Roads Service
** An Application Registration Card issued by the Home Office
** A Student Card

The identification document must be original – copies cannot be accepted.
We will return your identification document using the same method of postage used to send it to us or you can take your application, photo and identification document to an Area Office.
If you do not have photographic identification to send in with your application, you can ask an MP, MEP, MLA or Councillor to complete the declaration below and send it in with your form.

Useful information :
** Providing false information on this form is a criminal offence for which you could be sent to prison for up to six months or fined £5000 or both.
If you have been asked to complete this form, not providing the information is an offence for which you could be fined up to £1000.
** You can only vote at elections if your name is on the register of electors.
** The register may be used by people to decide whether or not to give you credit.
If you are not on the register, you may find it difficult to get a loan, to open a bank account or get credit.

Use this form to register to vote or update your details (if your name, address or signature has changed). Remember that this form contains personal information which could be of interest to criminals. You should return it only to the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland.

** We need one form for each person.
** You must give your date of birth and your National Insurance number and sign the form yourself – no-one else can sign it for you.
** You must be a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen, and you must give your nationality on the form.
** When we receive the form, we will check the information you have given.
** We will change or add your details on the register within six weeks if we accept your application.
** We will send you a letter of confirmation which will also give the date the changes come into effect.
** If we need more information we will write to you. We may ask for proof of the information you have given.

The Full & Edited Electoral Registers :

The edited register :
If you tick the ‘edited register’ box, your name and address will not appear on the edited register, which anyone can buy or use for any purpose. Any person, company or organisation including ‘junk- mail’ companies can buy a copy of the edited register for business activities such as marketing.
The full register : lists the name and address of everyone who is registered. By law, certain public organisations and people, including politicians, can receive the full register. Anyone can look at it but it is a crime to supply or use the information for purposes other than those allowed by law. Credit-reference agencies can use the full register, but only to check your name and address if you are applying for credit.

The electoral identity card :
If you do not have a passport, driving licence, Translink Senior SmartPass, 60+ SmartPass, War Disabled SmartPass or Blind Person’s SmartPass, you will require an Electoral Identity Card to vote at a polling station in Northern Ireland. See the ID Card page of our website for details of how to apply for a card or contact the Helpline.

Use of personal information :
The information given on your application form may be provided to bodies responsible for auditing and administering public funds for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.
For further details please see our website or contact the Information Officer at the address below.

How to contact us :
Please return this form to your local Area Electoral Office. A list of office addresses is attached.
Helpline: Freephone 0800 4320 712 or 028 9044 6688
This form is available in large print , Braille and audio formats and a range of different languages upon request.

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