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Organisation : Department of the Environment
Facility : Application for Correction of Details In Draft Register Of Electors
Country : Ireland

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Application for Correction of Details In Draft Register Of Electors :
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Notes :
Supplement to 2015/2016 Register of Electors :
Change of Address :
1. A person who is on the register of electors and moves residence from one Dáil or local authority constituency to another can apply for entry to the supplement at their new address, provided they have authorised the registration authority to delete their name from the register in respect of their previous address.
2. To be included in the supplement following a change of address, you must be:
** already on the register in respect of your previous address; and
** ordinarily resident at the address at which you now wish to be registered.
3. A separate form must be completed and signed by each person applying for inclusion in the supplement as a result of a change of address. To avoid delay in processing your application, make sure to complete it fully and return it by post or deliver it to the appropriate City or County Council (see part 8 of the application form) .
4. Two versions of the Register
Since 2004, registration authorities are required to publish two versions of the Register – the full register and the edited register.
The full Register lists everyone who is entitled to vote and can only be used for an electoral or other statutory purpose.
The edited register contains the names and addresses of persons whose details can be used for a purpose other than an electoral or other statutory purpose e.g. for direct marketing use by a commercial or other organisation. If you do not want your details to be included on the edited RFA3 register, you should tick (?) the opt out box at section 9 of the form. If you want your registration details to be included (i.e. available for non-statutory uses), you should leave the opt out box blank.
5. Declaration/Certificate of Identity
(a) The declaration at section 10 of the application form must be signed in the presence of a member of the Garda Síochána at your local Garda Station. If the Garda is satisfied as to your identify, they will sign, date and stamp section 11(a) of the form. If necessary, photographic identification may be required and you should bring some such identification and other supporting identification to assist the Garda.
(b) If you are unable to attend your local Garda Station, the form may be witnessed at the offices of the Registration Authority and in such cases section 11(b) of the form must be completed. You must state, in writing, why you cannot attend your local Garda Station. Photographic identification and other supporting identification documentation should be brought to the Registration Authority.
(c) If you cannot attend your local Garda Station or Registration Authority Offices due to physical illness or physical disability you must have section 11(c) of the form completed by a medical practitioner.
6. If you are applying after an election or referendum has been called, please note that the application must reach the City or County Council concerned before the fourteenth day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday excluded) before polling day in order to be considered for inclusion in the supplement for that election or referendum. Late applications will not be processed until afterpolling day.
7. You will be notified as quickly as possible of the ruling on your application. Where your application is refused, you will have the right to appeal against the ruling to the county registrar. The supplement will be published in the period immediately before the polling day at an election or referendum.
8. It is an offence to fail to give the registration authority or county registrar any information required for the purpose of their duties or to knowingly give false information.

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