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Organisation : Australian Electoral Commission (
Facility : Change your address
Country : Australia

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Change your address Online :
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Change your address :
** Every time you move, you must update your address on the electoral roll or your name could be removed and you will be unable to vote.

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** You are eligible to enrol for your new address if you have lived there for at least one month.
** You will need to provide evidence of your identity. You can use your driver’s licence, Australian passport number or have someone who is enrolled confirm your identity.
** If you are overseas or going overseas don’t use this form to change your address. Please see information on going overseas.
** When you finish updating your details, don’t forget to close your browser to protect your privacy.

Or to change your address :
** try the single-page online form
** complete and print a PDF form then return it to the AEC
** pick up a form at any AEC office, Australia Post outlet, or at any Medicare or Centrelink service centre and return to the AEC.

At the polling place :
** What happens if my name cannot be found at the polling place?
** If your name cannot be found on the certified list, you will be asked to spell your name or to print your name on a piece of paper and the certified list will be rechecked.
** You may also be asked if you could be on the roll for a different name (do you have a former name?).
** If your name still cannot be found, or your name on the list has been marked in some way, you will be directed to cast a declaration vote.

There are a number of reasons why your name may not be on the certified list for the division:
** your name may have been removed as a result of an electoral roll review.
** you may be enrolled for an address in another division.
** you are not 18 but have provisionally enrolled.
** you applied for enrolment after the rolls had closed
** there has been a redistribution and your address is now in a different electoral division

What happens if my name is incorrect at the polling place? :
This situation can sometimes occur when:
** misspelling of your name;
** your name is on the certified list twice; or
** your name has changed by marriage, deed poll, etc.

If this is the case, the polling official will record the correct information in an elector information report. They may also ask you to complete a new enrolment form to update your details on the electoral roll. The polling official cannot change the details on the certified list.

What happens if my address is incorrect at the polling place? :
If the address is different, you will be asked for your previous address. This ensures that it is you that is being marked off and not someone with the same name. You will also be asked to complete a new enrolment form so that your enrolment details can be updated on the electoral roll. If you have ‘silent’ enrolment (you have applied to not have your address listed on the electoral roll) you will be referred to the polling official in charge for the issue of a declaration vote.

What is a declaration vote? :
A declaration vote is when an elector makes a declaration about their entitlement to vote. Declaration Votes are issued when the elector casts an Absent, Pre-Poll, Postal or Provisional vote.

What if I need assistance completing a declaration envelope? :
You may make your mark as a signature if you are unable to sign your name. In such cases you must make your mark in the presence of a polling official acting as a witness. The polling official will then identify the fact that the you made your mark by
** adding the words ‘his mark’ or ‘her mark’ above your mark; and
** printing your given name(s) to the left of the mark, and your surname to the right of the mark
** the issuing officer then signing as the witness.

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