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Remove Name From Electoral Roll :

If your relative has died, the AEC will remove their name from the electoral roll when we are:

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** notified by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (occurs on a monthly basis), or
** if we are notified by a family member.

To request a relative’s name be removed from the roll, complete the notification of a relative who has died form.

At election time, an update on recent deaths is obtained prior to printing the certified list of voters to ensure the electoral roll is accurate at the time of voting.

Notification of a relative who has died :
If your relative has died, please complete the following form to request their name be removed from the electoral roll.

Authorisation to collect this information is contained in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.

What happens if my name cannot be found at the polling place?
If your name cannot be found on the certified list, you will be asked to spell your name or to print your name on a piece of paper and the certified list will be rechecked. You may also be asked if you could be on the roll for a different name (do you have a former name?).

If your name still cannot be found, or your name on the list has been marked in some way, you will be directed to cast a declaration vote.

There are a number of reasons why your name may not be on the certified list for the division :
** your name may have been removed as a result of an electoral roll review.
** you may be enrolled for an address in another division.
** you are not 18 but have provisionally enrolled.
** you applied for enrolment after the rolls had closed
** there has been a redistribution and your address is now in a different electoral division

What happens if my name is incorrect at the polling place?
This situation can sometimes occur when :
** misspelling of your name;
** your name is on the certified list twice; or
** your name has changed by marriage, deed poll, etc.

If this is the case, the polling official will record the correct information in an elector information report. They may also ask you to complete a new enrolment form to update your details on the electoral roll. The polling official cannot change the details on the certified list.

What happens if my address is incorrect at the polling place?
If the address is different, you will be asked for your previous address. This ensures that it is you that is being marked off and not someone with the same name. You will also be asked to complete a new enrolment form so that your enrolment details can be updated on the electoral roll.

If you have ‘silent’ enrolment (you have applied to not have your address listed on the electoral roll) you will be referred to the polling official in charge for the issue of a declaration vote.

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  1. My husband William Peter Clark died on 31 July 2023. I am the executix of his will and I wish to remove his name from the electoral roll

  2. My husband, Robert, who was 70 yrs old, passed away on 25/10/2022. I wish to have his name removed from the electoral role.



  4. My Husband had a stroke 18months ago and cannot speak or wright.
    His name is Ian Spence and we use to live on Mailman Rd Mount Surround Giru.
    Now we live in unit 8c/7 The Strand, North Ward Townsville
    I would like to take him off the electoral Roll
    Thank you

  5. Daniel Del Moro

    My mother Olimpia Del Moro DOB 04/11/27 passed away 28/4/22.Please remove her from the Electorol Roll

  6. Dianne Marie Thurgood

    My husband, Kenneth Dudley Thurgood, DOB 02/08/1942, passed away on 22 April 2022 in Frankston Hospital. Please remove his name from the electoral roll.

  7. Warren Keith Pine

    My Husband who was 61 years of age at his death on Sunday the 17th April 2022. I would like his name removed from the Role,
    Thank you
    Jo-Anne Pine

  8. My uncle whom my sister and I have guardianship and power of attorney for has dementia and is in a nursing home so will be unable to vote. How do I get his name removed or is that not possible.


  9. Our sister has passed away and we would like to remove her name from the Electoral Roll. How do we go about this???

  10. My mother is 99 years old, has dementia and resides in an aged care facility. I would like to remove her name from the electoral roll as she can no longer vote but am not sure if this is possible until she has died.
    Can you please advise if I can do this?
    Many thanks, Jo Rice

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