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Student Voting :
What qualifications must I meet in order to vote? :
In order to vote in a Provincial General Election or by—election, you must be :
** a Canadian Citizen;
** at least 18 years old on polling day;
** ordinarily resident in the Province on the day before polling day; and,
** ordinarily resident in the district and polling division on polling day.
Acceptable identification, such as a driver’s licence, is required to be added to the voters list

How do I determine my ordinary residence? :
You are responsible for determining your own ordinary residence. Choose where you will vote in the upcoming election, based on the following guidelines in the Elections Act, 1991.

Guidelines to consider when determining your ordinary residence:
** Students Residing at Home
** If you are attending either a university or college and live at home, then your place of ordinary residence is your family home.
** You should be included on the voters list for a polling division found in the district where your family home is located.
** Students living away, but planning to return to their family home upon completion of their studies
** If you leave your family home to attend either university or college within or outside the Province, but you intend to return to your family home after completing your studies, you are considered to be ordinarily resident in the place and polling division where your family home is located.
** This is the district for which you should vote on election day.
** Students living away, and not planning to return to their family home upon completion of their studies
** If you are not planning on returning to your family home or remain unsure as to whether you will be returning there, then you can be included voters list for a polling division where your current residence is located. You should vote there on election day by providing identification and taking the required oath or affirmation

Am Iincluded on the voters list? :
** Every resident of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador who meets the voting qualifications may choose whether or not to be included on the voters list.
** Inclusion on the list provides benefits to voters, such as receiving a Voter Information Card that provides registered electors personalized voting information regarding where and when to vote. Being included on the voters list also results in a more streamlined process at the polls by avoiding the requirement of additional paperwork before you cast a ballot.
** To determine if you are on the voters list or to add or update your information, contact Elections Newfoundland and Labrador (ENL) or visit our website

What is ”ordinary residence”? :
According to the Elections Act, 1991, ordinary residence is that place in which an elector has his or her principle or only residence, home, lodging or habitation

What methods of voting are available to me? :
** As a student, there are several voting options available to you :
** voting in person at the polls on election day or advance poll day, or voting by Special Ballot.
** Polls are open on election day from 8:00 am. until 8:00 pm. (half an hour earlier in parts of Labrador).
** Polls are also open on advance poll day, typically one week prior to Election Day, from 8:00 am. until 8:00 pm. (half an hour earlier in parts of Labrador).
** In order to vote in person at the polls on election day or on advance poll day, you must be voting in the district where your ordinary residence is located. For example, if you are located in St. John’s East, you can only vote for candidates running in St. John’s East.
** Additionally, students may choose to vote by Special Ballot.
** Special Ballot voting allows students who wish to cast a ballot for their hometown district, while attending university or college elsewhere.
** In order to vote by Special Ballot, you must apply.
** Applications are available online from all district Returning Offices, and from ENL headquarters

Are there deadlines associated with Special Ballot voting? :
Yes, there are important deadlines for applying for Special Ballot voting and for returning your completed Special Ballot to both the district Returning Of?ce and to ENL headquarters. It is the responsibility of the student applying to vote by Special Ballot to meet all established deadlines. Late ballots cannot be accepted.

What kind of identi?cation do I need to vote? :
You need ID to vote by Special Ballot and to vote at a polling station if you are not on the voters list.
The ID you provide ust show your name, current address and signature.
Acceptable ID can include the following options :
** one document showing your name, current address and signature (such as a valid driver’s licence);
** a document, such as a utility bill, showing your name and address, which you then sign (to compare with your signature on the application form);
** confirmation by another person (using ENL’s Guarantor’s Form) verifying your identity and address in the electoral district you intend to vote in; or,
– ENL’s Affidavit for Identi?cation form, which must be signed before an authorized of?cial (i.e. Commissioner for Oaths/Justice of the Peace), verifying your name, current address and signature

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