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Organization : Elections Canada
Facility : Electoral District Search
Province : Newfoundland and Labrador
Country : Canada

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Electoral District Search :
Search for your electoral district by entering your street address here :

Please note:
The search will only display results for households where registered voters are living. If your address does not appear, you may not be registered on the provincial voters list. Call 1-877-729-7987 to add yourself to the list, or to confirm or update your information. You may also locate your district by reviewing the 2015 Directory of Streets, Towns and Communities.

District Returning Offices :
Each electoral district has a Returning Office which coordinates the election for the district. Each Returning Office is staffed with a Returning Officer, an Election Clerk and a Special Ballot Officer. A listing of Returning Offices and contact information will be

My name and/or address has changed since the last election. How will this affect me at an upcoming election? :
Elections Newfoundland and Labrador receives elector updates from other sources, like Elections Canada. Your information may have already been updated in our system, but if not, you will be required to swear an oath to verify your change of name and/or address.

Is there a deadline to be added to the voters list before an election? :
Yes, there are specific deadlines in place for each election and by-election. It is important to contact Elections Newfoundland and Labrador to find out what these deadlines are, but if you happen to miss the deadline to be added to the voters list prior to an election you may still vote at the advance poll or the regular poll. In order to do so, you will have to swear an oath and present appropriate identification.

Where can I obtain electoral district maps? :
There are electronic versions of the district maps on the Elections Newfoundland and Labrador website. Paper copies of the electoral district maps are available for a fee from the Department of Environment and Conservation. They are located in the Howley Building on Higgins Line, St. John’s, NL. Their telephone number is (709) 729-3305.

How are elections organized at the district level? :
** Elections Newfoundland and Labrador coordinates election operations for the whole province from its headquarters in St. John’s.
** There is a Returning Office established within each electoral district that manages the election operation for the district.
** Each Returning Office has a Returning Officer (who is like the district Election Manager), an Election Clerk (who is like the district Assistant Election Manager) and a Special Ballot Officer (who coordinates Special Ballot voting for the district).
** These staff members are there to meet the needs of electors at the district level and do the hiring and training for all temporary field staff who work in the district polling stations.

How are Returning Officers, Election Clerks and Special Ballot Officers screened, hired and trained? :
** The position of Returning Officer is a continuous position which is filled by the same person for each election and by-election until he or she resigns or is removed from the position.
** This position is written in legislation.
** When a vacancy occurs, the job is posted in local newspapers and on the Elections Newfoundland and Labrador website and qualified applicants are interviewed.
** In order to be considered for employment, potential Returning Officers must meet the basic qualifications of an elector and must live within the electoral district where the vacancy exists.
** All Returning Officer training is conducted by Elections Newfoundland and Labrador staff.
** The Returning Officer is responsible for hiring a qualified Election Clerk subject to CEO approval and a qualified Special Ballot Officer.
** These individuals must also meet the basic qualifications of an elector.
** Returning Officers, Election Clerks and Special Ballot Officers are not permitted to be members of any political party and are, in fact, not to have any political associations within 60 days before polling day.
** This includes being in the service of a candidate or being employed by a candidate or his or her scrutineer (or someone else who is working on behalf or in the interest of a candidate).

How can I apply for election employment? :
** District Returning Officers are responsible for appointing election workers within their respective districts.
** During an election or by-election, resumes can be forwarded to the Returning Officer by hand-delivery or by mail.
** Also, from time to time, Elections Newfoundland and Labrador will provide an employment application form on this website where interested individuals can apply for employment.
** Outside of an electoral event, resumes can be forwarded to Elections Newfoundland and Labrador to be added to district files for upcoming employment opportunities.

During an election or by-election, what methods of voting are available to me? :
There are three methods of voting available to electors:
1. Advance Voting
2. Regular Poll Voting
3. Special Ballot Voting

** Advance polls are usually held on 1 or more of the 7 days immediately preceding ordinary polling day from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. in parts of Labrador).
** Regular poll voting is the day set for the election or by-election. Regular polls are open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. in parts of Labrador) on polling day.
** Special Ballot voting is an alternative voting method available to electors who feel they will be unable to vote in person at the advance or regular polls.
** According to the Elections Act, 1991, this method of voting can be available to electors up to four weeks prior to the election or by-election being called.
** Interested electors must apply to vote by Special Ballot and, once an application is approved, a Special Ballot kit is issued.
** This kit consists of a blank ballot and a series of envelopes designed to protect the secrecy of the elector’s vote.
** Special Ballots are blank because Special Ballot voting is open prior to Official Nomination day on the election calendar.
** Therefore, electors must print either the party name, the potential candidate’s name (if they know it) or both.
** Elections Newfoundland and Labrador coordinates Special Ballot voting at personal care homes and hospitals around the province to facilitate voting for those who are unable to get out to the polls.
** There are important deadlines to adhere to when voting by Special Ballot and these dates will be communicated to electors who apply.
** Elections Newfoundland and Labrador created a Special Ballot voting pamphlet for the 2011 Provincial General Election.
** It includes information on important deadlines and the application process.
** Additionally, during a Provincial General Election, there are Designated Special Ballot offices established in communities around the province that meet certain criteria.
** Usually, these offices must be 100 kilometers from the district Returning Office with a population of over 500 people.

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