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Organisation : Election Commission of Pakistan
Facility : Verify/check their vote from 90 million plus voters database
Location : Pakistan

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ECP Verify/Check Vote

The Election Commission of Pakistan had launched an innovative SMS service to facilitate 120 million plus mobile customers to verify/check their vote from 90 million plus voters database.

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A user can send his/her Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) number without hyphens & spaces via SMS to 8300 at anytime from anywhere in the country. After sending the SMS, the voter would subsequently receive a message containing their nic, location (electoral area), name of polling station and the serial number of vote registered in the Electoral Rolls.

This SMS verification service, in collaboration with cellular operators, happens to be world’s largest verification service of any kind. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has won INTERNATIONAL AWARD on Wednesday 4th December, 2013, as an International Parliamentary Organization ICPS acknowledged ECP’s Services for the innovative use of technology (i.e. 8300 SMS Service) in Electoral Process. This Win was announced at the International Electoral Awards 2013 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Rs. 2/- plus tax per verification.

How to Use

Compose a new SMS from your mobile and write your 13 digits Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) number without hyphens & spaces i.e. 1234576789101.

Send this SMS to 8300.

You will receive an SMS within seconds from ECP containing your electoral details. It will be as follows:
You will get the voter details like that.


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is launching the World’s biggest voters’ Short Message Service (SMS) of 85 million voters throughout the country on 29th February 2012 at 11:00 AM. The ceremony will be held in the ECP’s Secretariat Islamabad.

By using this service, the eligible voters would be able to send Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number on 8300 and in response, the voter would get the voting details like CNIC No., Electoral Area name, Block Code, Tehsil/District and Serial Number.

In order to protect the privacy of a voter, the name, parentage and home address would not be shown in the SMS.

This hi-tech technology has got various advantages like voter could get all the information regarding his/her vote within seconds. This service would minimize the possibility of errors in the Final Electoral Rolls. Apart from the display centres, this service could be considered as Virtual Display Centres where the voters sitting anywhere in the country, be able to check his/her vote’s detail.

Now it is the duty of every responsible citizen/eligible voter to use this state-of-the-art mobile technology by verifying his/her voting information to ensure credible, transparent and error-free Electoral Rolls

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  1. How to check online on web if SMS service is not Available?

  2. How can i find my seriel number and block for voting because there is no signals so i can’t send sms on 8300 is there any other way of knowing my seriel mumber and block through internet

  3. How can i find my seriel and block there is no signal .sms on 8300 won’t go is there anyothere option of checking through internet

  4. How can I find out the serial number at which my name appears on the voter list?

  5. ZAHID HUSSAIN IDC NO. 3630271426613

    In my family we are five members me and my wife vote are registered in shah rukn e alam colony multan. Now my one daughter and two sons have IDC and they are legible for voting. we are shifted from multan to lahore my new address is H.NO 189 AHBAB COLONY OPPOSITE CANAL VIEW COLONY MULTAN ROAD LAHORE How is can transfer my and my wife vote in lahore there is no online system in your site. I also wants to register vote for my sons and daughter in lahore, please help me.

  6. Whats the process to Change VOTE from Permanent Address to Present Address

  7. Please tell me, how I can check my family vote list.

  8. Please tell me, how would I get this person 17301-173016013256-3 CNIC address?

  9. I want to change my voting station as I have changed my station.

    1. Visit your concern DC office, get form, fillup and submit.

  10. I am a permanent resident of Gulistan-e-Juhar Block#15 since 2013 but during the last election 2013, my family votes were mentioned a far distance area, of Aisha Nagar, Liaqatabad. I send several times on 8300 but my family name is still appearing in Aisha Nagar, Liaqatabad. I could not understand why our name was transferred there without our request and how it will be rectified beside our correction application. Where should I approach? Our NICs are 4210122762683 & 4250114340002.

  11. I want to check my voters details online. Is it possible?

  12. My new CNIC is issued in Lahore but the location of my vote has not been changed. What to do now and How can I change my vote from Lahore?

  13. I am a permanent resident of North Karachi Sector 11-B since 1982 but during the last election 2013, my family votes were mentioned a far distance area of 7/D3. We submitted rectification forms on 10/10/2016 at ECP nominated center ” Muslim Popular GBSS No.1 Sector 11-B North Karachi. Acknowledged by HM & DDO. But the same was not corrected. I send several times on 8300 but my family name is still appearing in 7/D3. I could not understand why our name was transferred there without our request and how it will be rectified beside our correction application. Where should I approach. My NIC is 4210196017007.

  14. I got my block Code then how I can check my area of vote i.e. Killi/ Village area.

  15. Today, I sent the SMS on 8300 with my CNIC number two times, but not reply or response received back. Is this facility active or down?

  16. Jiand Khan Jamaldini

    I am from Quetta. I am trying to check my name in the list, but the SMS is not forwarding on 8300 and receive a message that have insufficient balance to send the message while I have recharged my mobile with balance of Rs.599 yesterday evening. Kindly let me know how I can check my name?

    1. You loaded super card of UFONE etc, this is paid service and you have to pay small amount of money around Rs.2 to check your Verification, so please load balance to get verification.

  17. My application ID is 1330203372438. How can I check my name in voter list?

  18. Government commercialized every thing, no free of cost. Each verification is charged by deducting amount from network balance.

  19. I want to check my Union council in Multan.

  20. How can I get the town level & district level voter’s list details on net?

  21. I am working abroad. Some one advise me to check my vote status via SMS.

  22. Please check the vote form for 9149378-7.

  23. I want to Shift my vote form Rawalpindi to Swabi. What is the Procedure? Please help me.

  24. Please register my voter ID.

  25. Of course! You have provided an unmatched service but if someone has no device to S.M.S, how can he/she get the information regarding his/her vote?

  26. Muhammad Saeed Khan

    I want to shift my vote to Mansehra to Islamabad. What is the procedure?
    CNIC No : 61101-1920811-9

  27. How can I see my census black list and I have tow NIIC Cards. I remove one Card. Please inform me how I can do.

  28. How can I find my vote no without my national id card no?

  29. Shahid Latif Paracha

    My family shifted along with me from Multan to Islamabad in the year 2014. Please tell me the procedure to transfer votes from Multan to Islamabad.

    1. Go to election commission and submit an application.

  30. Please show me my vote in voter list of election commission of Pakistan.
    My id number is 1330230808085.

  31. How can we change the vote from one centre to other?

  32. Where is display center in Lahore?

  33. I am in Sharjah. How can i check my vote status online without using mobile?

    1. I am in UK. How can I check my vote in voter list of Punjab Pakistan,from UK?

  34. I have to change my vote from electoral list. What is the procedure to be adopted?

  35. I want to change my vote location pacca Chang instead of Karachi because my permanent address is Pacca Chang dist Khair pur Mir’s sindh
    CNIC 4220119392849

  36. I’m not getting reply through SMS from 8300. Any other source to get vote details?

  37. Muhammad Zeeshan Baloch

    How to check online on web if SMS service is not Available?

  38. I want to verify my ID on net. How can I do it please?

  39. Waseem Shoukat s/o Shoukat Ali

    How to change my vote address? I am in leave at Lahore and my vote address is in Islamabad.

  40. I am in overseas. I have a nicop. Am I eligible to vote based on NICOP in Pakistan?

  41. 4220145902297

  42. Please give me the ward of election

  43. How can one challenge a vote?

    1. If I am not resident of area in BD eLECTION, may I add my vote in that area?
      Could it be changed?


  44. Can I check vote with my picture?

  45. How can I make vote? Please give me instruction.

  46. Rana Guzar Ahmed Qamar

    How can we evaluate NA 125 Electoral Area?
    How many Total Voted Population And Youth In that Voting Constituency?

  47. Verification made through SMS Code 8300 shows that my vote has registered in Government Girls High School Shahbaz Azmat Kkel, Tehsil and District BANUU (KPK).
    While, I am residence of District SAHIWAL (PUNJAB) and my CNIC has also issued from District Sahiwal. I would request you, please guide me properly to resolve the matter.

  48. My id is 3710141600277

  49. My id 3710437273243

  50. I think govt need to show voting list online by net.
    How can we search our registration?

  51. My CNIC # 1720170215999
    Please send me my status of vote

  52. 3520203299505

    1. You can check the electoral details through mobile.

  53. I just want to know how to change my family vote location? My old vote registration is in Gujranwala. Now my address in Islamabad. I need to make domicile for child without vote address change. Domicile concern peoples can’t make.

    1. Use Form- C for Correction

  54. Muhammad Afzal Shahzad

    I just want to know that how you get the address of a voter? The address you send back in response of 8300 sms is that address you track from CNIC address from NADRA. ?

    1. Please show me my vote in voter list of election commission of Pakistan.
      My cnic no is 17301-1568919-5.

  55. I can’t see my census black list. I need my black census list. My black code is 321040401.
    Also I want to know about B.D election

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