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Organisation : Electoral Commission Queensland
Facility : Overseas Electors Registration
State : Queensland
Country : Australia

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Overseas Electors :

If you are travelling outside of Australia, you may wish to notify the Commission or register as an overseas elector.

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Electoral Commission Queensland Electoral Roll :

Short Term :
If you are travelling overseas (for a short period), are currently enrolled and are intending to return to your enrolled address, you can notify the Commission of your plans by completing an Overseas Notification form. This lets us know that during your time away, you may not be able to vote.

Long Term :
Registering as an Overseas Elector allows you to vote in person at an overseas pre-poll voting centre or choose to be automatically sent ballot papers.

You can register as an Overseas Elector, if you :
** are already enrolled to vote, and
** intend on returning to Australian within 6 years

Further information is available on the Registration as an Overseas Elector form. If you are going overseas indefinitely or permanently, you may wish to notify the Commission that you have left the country. The Overseas Notification form provides you with the option to be removed from the electoral roll while you are away. You will be required to re-enrol once you return to an address in Australia.

Special Enrolment Provisions :
Depending on your personal circumstances, you may belong to one of the following enrolment categories.

Silent Electors :
Being a silent elector means that your address details will not be shown on the publicly available electoral roll. You will automatically receive your ballot papers by post for State and Local Government elections. If you believe that having your address shown on the electoral roll, could endanger your personal safety or the safety of your family, you can apply for silent elector status. This category of enrolment is not granted automatically. Each application is considered with a decision based on whether the claim meets the conditions for silent elector status. Further information is available on the Registration as a Silent Elector form.

Special Postal Voters :
Registering as a Special Postal Voter means that you will be automatically sent an Application for Ballot Material or ballot papers by post.

To register as a Special Postal Voter you must meet one of the following criteria:
** enrolled at an address more than 20km from a polling booth
** registered as a silent elector
** unable to attend a polling booth due to religious beliefs
** unable to sign your name due to physical incapacity

You can register as a Special Postal Voter and receive an ‘Application for Ballot Paper’ form, if you meet one of the following criteria :
** a patient at a hospital or nursing home and unable to travel to a polling booth
** unable to travel to a polling booth due to being infirm at home
** caring for a seriously ill or infirm person.
Further information is available on the Registration as a General Postal Voter form.

No Fixed Address :
You are still able to enrol to vote even if you do not have a fixed address.
You can register as an elector with no fixed address, if you are:
** an Australian citizen
** over the age of 18
** living somewhere temporarily but do not have a permanent address to return home to
** homeless with no access to safe and secure housing or living in crisis or transitional accommodation
When you complete the form, you will need to nominate an address to appear on the roll.

This address can be where :
** you were last eligible to be on the roll
** a next of kin is enrolled
** you were born (if neither of the above apply)
** where you have the closest connection (if none of the above apply)
This is not available to people who are overseas, travelling around Australia or travelling for work who have a permanent home to return to. Further information is available on the No Fixed Address Enrolment form.

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