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Organisation : Victorian Electoral Commission
Facility :Enrolment Form to Vote or Update Details
Country : Australia
Territory : Victoria

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Who can enrol and vote? :
It is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens over 18 years to enrol to vote. You are eligible to enrol and vote if you:
** re an Australian citizen, or a British subject who was enrolled on 25 January 1984*
** re 18 years or older, and
** have lived at your address which is your principal place of residence for at least one month.

** For Victorian elections only, you are eligible to enrol and vote if you were a British subject enrolled between 26 October 1983 and 25 January 1984 inclusive.

** You can enrol at 16 years of age for federal purposes and at 17 years for State purposes, but cannot vote until you are 18. The AEC will provide confirmation that your enrolment form been processed within three weeks of receiving your form and may contact you if we need additional information.

Special enrolment :
Special category enrolment forms are available if you :
** re temporarily overseas
** cannot attend a polling place on election day
** believe that having your address shown on a publicly available roll may endanger your safety or that of your family
** have no fixed address
** re in prison
** re physically incapable of signing your name
** re working in Antarctica

For more information
Australian Electoral Commission or 13 23 26
Victorian Electoral Commission or 1300 805 478

Who has access to your enrolment information? :
The Commonwealth of Australia :
The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is authorised under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (CEA) to collect and verify the information you have been asked to complete on this form. The information provided will assist the AEC to maintain electoral rolls.

The AEC may disclose electoral information to persons or organisations in accordance with the CEA. This may include:
** ccess to the publicly available electoral roll (containing names and addresses) which may be inspected at electoral offices
** state and territory electoral authorities
** Members of Parliament, Senators, registered political parties, and candidates for the House of Representatives
** Aproved medical research and public health screening programs
** Any agencies, persons or organisations prescribed in the Electoral and Referendum Regulations 1940.

For more information on privacy, visit

The State of Victoria :
Under the Victorian Electoral Act 2002, enrolment information is available to:
** Members of Parliament, registered political parties and election candidates. This information includes name, address, date of birth and gender.

** The AEC and the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) exchange electoral information under a joint roll arrangement to update the electoral roll. As part of the roll update activities the VEC may disclose your name to other people living at your enrolment address.

** The Electoral ROll can be inspected at the office of the VEC. Only names and addresses are provided, though the addresses of silent electors are not disclosed on the publicly available roll. The Juries Commission under the Juries Act 2000 and local governments under the Local Government Act 1989.

** Other organisations – in limited circumstances. However, before releasing enrolment information, the Victorian Electoral Commission must weigh up public interest arguments with privacy considerations and consult with the Privacy Commissioner. A full list of agencies receiving enrolment information is available from and the VEC.

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