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Organisation : Victorian Electoral Commission
Facility : Register As a Silent Elector
Country : Australia
Territory : Victoria

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Download Application Form :
Home Page :

Registration as a silent elector :
Who can use this form? :
You can use this form to apply to be registered as a silent elector if you believe that having your address shown on the publicly available electoral roll could put your personal safety, or that of your family, at risk.

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Silent enrolment means your address will not be shown on future editions of the publicly available roll. You will not be granted silent elector status based solely on your profession, or because you have a silent phone number, or you don’t like the idea of your details being publicly available, or you don’t want to receive junk mail.

How do you apply? :
You must complete the :
** application form on page 2, and
** statutory declaration on page 3, explaining in detail what you consider the risk to be and why your, or your family’s, personal safety is at risk.
** Your statutory declaration must be witnessed by a person listed on page 4.
** If you are not already enrolled at your current residential address you will also need to complete an electoral enrolment form.
** You can download a PDF form from the AEC website at If there are other family members enrolled at your address with the same family name, it is strongly recommended that they also become silent electors so that the address does not appear in association with your family name on the electoral roll.
** They must complete their own application for silent enrolment and can request silent status on the grounds that you have silent enrolment.
** Maximum privacy is ensured by also having a Post Office box as your postal address.

What happens if you are granted silent enrolment? :
The Divisional Returning Officer (DRO) will consider whether your claim complies with legislative requirements and will notify you in writing of the decision.

This information will be treated in strictest confidence at all times.

Note: If you are granted silent enrolment for a new address, only your name and the name of your division will appear on the Commonwealth electoral roll.

** For state and local government rolls only your name and the words ‘address suppressed’ will appear.

** However, if you are granted silent enrolment for the address where you are already enrolled, you should be aware that your address will appear on electoral rolls that are already available in the public domain but will not appear on any future electoral rolls.

** Local government rolls are a combination of the Victorian state roll and council ratepayer lists.
** If you have been granted silent status on the Victorian state roll, your address in respect of that enrolment will be suppressed on the local government roll.
** Ratepayers who do not live within the municipality, non-Australian citizens and company nominees are included on the local government roll by the council.

** If you are one of these people and you do not wish to have your non-resident address and/or your residential/contact address included on the local government roll, you will need to make a separate application to the council to become a municipal silent voter.

What happens if you change your name or address? :
If you have been granted silent enrolment and you change your name or address, you must notify the AEC. You can download a PDF form from the AEC website at You should also notify the AEC of any change to your postal address.

Is it compulsory to enrol and vote? :
Yes, it is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens 18 years and over to enrol and vote in federal and state elections. You may be fined if you don’t.

What are your voting options? :
As a silent elector you can register as a general postal voter to have ballot papers automatically sent to you when a federal, state or local government election or referendum is called. You can register by crossing the ‘Yes’ box at question 5 on page 2.

If you do not register as a general postal voter you will need to either attend a polling place on polling day, attend a pre-poll voting office prior to polling day or apply for a postal vote for the relevant election.

For more information :
Australian Electoral Commission or 13 23 26
Victorian Electoral Commission or 1300 805 478

Returning your form :
Post : Australian Electoral Commission
Reply Paid 9867 MELBOURNE VIC 3001 (No stamp is needed if posted in Australia)

Email : info[AT]

In person : To any AEC office

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