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Organisation : Victorian Electoral Commission
Facility : How to Enrol
Country : Australia
Territory : Victoria

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Enrol / Update Here :
Home Page :

How to enrol :
Enrol or update your details online :
Use the VEC’s online application to guide you through enrolling or updating your details.

Enrol or update your details using a paper form :
If you would prefer to enrol or update your details on a paper form, you can obtain an enrolment form :
** at any post office, Centrelink or Australian Electoral Commission office
** by calling the VEC on 131 832
** by visiting the VEC office at Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne
** by downloading an enrolment form (PDF, 354kB).

Completed enrolment forms can be returned via :
** post to the Victorian Electoral Commission, Reply Paid 66506, Melbourne VIC 8001 (no stamp is required)
** fax to (03) 9277 7126
** emailing a scanned copy to, or
** delivery in person to the Victorian Electoral Commission (Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne) or any Australian Electoral Commission office (external link).

Special enrolment options :
Special enrolment options are available if you :
** generally can’t get to a voting centre
** are living or travelling overseas (including Antarctica)
** don’t want your address to appear on the roll for safety reasons
** are experiencing homelessness
** are working in Antarctica
** have a cognitive disability/impairment
** are unable to sign your name
** are serving a prison sentence in Victoria

There are also additional categories for enrolment for :
Enrolment for Federal elections :
Visit the AEC Federal elections (external link) for more information. :

Enrolment for council elections :
Visit Enrolling for local council elections for more information. :

Enrolling for local council elections :
Local council elections are important because you are voting for the people who will make decisions regarding your local community.

How do I enrol for council elections? :
The electoral roll for a council election is made up of two parts :
** State enrolled voters and council enrolled voters.

Under the Local Government Act 1989, you must vote for your main place of residence (State enrolment) and can choose to vote for property you own in another municipality (council enrolment)*.

* Melbourne City Council is an exception. You must vote for any investment property located within the City of Melbourne.

You are only entitled to one vote in any single municipality. If you own multiple properties in a single municipality, for example, you still only vote once in that municipalitys’ elections.

When you enrol for State and Federal elections, you are automatically enrolled on the council roll for the municipality in which you live – as this is your main place of residence.

Council voters are automatically enrolled if they own property in a municipality, live in another municipality, and are the first or second-named ratepayer for that property.

Multiple property owners are entitled to vote for only one property in a municipality; the property is determined by the council unless application is made to council to specify a particular property.

If you are not automatically enrolled, you can apply to enrol at council elections if you :
** are not an Australian citizen but are a resident ratepayer in your municipality or

** pay council rates on a property you occupy and have no other voting entitlement in the municipality. You must either be receiving the rates notice or have the written consent of the owner to vote in their place or

** are a director or company secretary of a corporation that pays rates to the council and you have no other voting entitlement within the municipality.

To enrol for council elections under these circumstances you must contact your local council (external link).

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