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Citizens’ Party Of Finland Apply For Membership :

Organisation : Citizens’ Party
Facility Name : Apply For Citizens’ Party Of Finland Membership
Country : Finland
Website :

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Citizens’ Party Membership

** The extraordinary general meeting of the Citizens’ Party unanimously decided on Sunday 28 August 2022 that the party will merge with the Christian Democrats. At the same time, the party decided to disband.

** A largely congruent value base and successful election cooperation created a good basis for unification. We bring new people and new winds to kd’s operations.
The main political theme of the citizens’ party merging with Kd has been the goal of developing Finland equally.

** “We have always gone ahead of things, and even at the last meeting we decided to demand that the parliament urgently process the citizens’ initiative to classify peat as a renewable natural resource. Why is a domestic and reliable source of energy on hold and, for example, in Jyväskylä, a coal-fired power plant is being started at the same time?”
The Citizens’ Party would like to thank all supporters and supporters over the years.

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How To Apply For The Citizens’ Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Citizens’ Party Membership
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the button Join In
Step-3 : Fill the Citizens’ Party membership application
Step-4 : Enter your personal and contact information
Step-5 : Click on the button Become a supporter member


Finland Citizens’ Party Policies

Balanced Regional Policy :
** The goal of the Citizens’ Party is the Finland of the provinces, where success is based on expertise, natural resources, entrepreneurship and a strong business structure that comes from the entire country.

** We oppose centralizing policies that threaten to empty rural areas of education and jobs.

** More than 60,000 new apartments and more than 100,000 study places to be built in the capital region are bad regional policy.

** With the help of taxation, it is possible to operate so that the countryside remains populated.

** A strong public sector must be maintained as a provider of services as well as an employer through a stronger state company policy.

Sane Immigration Policy :
** Own border control is the best guarantee for restoring internal security, that is why Finland’s borders must be controlled

** Sufficient resources for the authorities responsible for internal security, the police in the forefront.

** The tightening of the Aliens Act, such as Norway, Denmark and Austria.

** Finnish social security should only belong to Finns.

A Reasonable Standard Of Living Belongs To Everyone :
** The home care allowance must be doubled. Parents must have the opportunity to choose the most suitable form of treatment and the possibility of part-time work must be increased.

** The level of minimum pensions must be increased; in particular, the pensions of those receiving less than 800 and 1000 euros must be adjusted up to those receiving less than 1400 euros per month. In addition to increasing the pension income deduction, pensions must be increased.

** The funds can be obtained by cutting the costs of immigration, limiting social security to Finns only, and through the increase in the purchasing power of pensioners as the economy recovers.

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