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Liike Nyt Party Of Finland Apply For Membership

Organisation : Liike Nyt Party
Facility Name : Apply For Liike Nyt Party Membership
Country : Finland
Website :

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Liike Nyt Party Membership

Liike Nyt is an alternative to the politics of the old parties. We don’t make politics with ideologies, but with things first. We base our decisions on facts and researched information. We are not affiliated with interest groups. We are ready to make bold reforms and bring change in order to make the economy and well-being grow. The time for change is now!

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How To Apply For The Liike Nyt Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Movement Now Party Membership
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the button Become a member
Step-3 : Fill the Apply for Liike Nyt party membership form
Step-4 : Enter your personal details
Step-5 : Click on the button next

Liike Nyt Party Goals

Profitable food production :
** The value added tax on food must be reduced from 14% to 10%. This will improve the position of the poor and families with children. The price of food has risen at a record pace and the government needs to act now.

** The high self-sufficiency of domestic food production must be maintained. The unstable international security situation and the scarcity of food on the international market provide strong grounds for high self-sufficiency.

** In order to secure the conditions for domestic agricultural production, the subsidy policy must be changed so that the subsidies are directed to genuine food producers. Increased production costs must be compensated so that production is not jeopardized. Farms need energy and fertilizers.

** Centralized retail is a problem that needs to be addressed. The trade dictates the prices. Profits trickle down to stores in the chain. The operations of agricultural producers too often remain even unprofitable. It can’t be like this!

Electricity production to be self-sufficient :
** The sale of electricity grids from state ownership was a big mistake. Electricity networks are a natural monopoly. In terms of reliability of supply and safety, electricity networks are vital infrastructure. The electricity grids must be redeemed back into state ownership by selling other non-strategically important state holdings.

** Finland must quickly achieve self-sufficiency in electricity production. We must not depend on the energy policy of other countries. In addition, electricity pricing must be reformed so that it corresponds to real national production costs.

** Legislation must be put in order so that new innovations and technologies have room and opportunities to grow. Small nuclear power plants and hydrogen technology represent the future of the energy industry. If we want to be pioneers, we have to invest in it.

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