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Christian Democrats Party Of Finland Apply For Membership :

Organisation : Christian Democrats Party
Facility Name : Apply For Christian Democrats Party Membership
Country : Finland
Website :

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Christian Democrats Party Membership

Finland’s change of direction finland is a good country to live in and we want to keep it that way. Now it’s time to focus on the essentials. Idealism for that. We make everyday decisions. For the people.

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How To Apply For The Christian Democrats Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Christian Democrats Party Membership
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the button Join as a member
Step-3 : Fill out the membership form
Step-4 : Enter your personal details
Step-5 : Click on the button Sign Up

Join In Christian Democrats Party

** Welcome to Christian Democrats!. Do you want to promote the well-being and safety of children, families and the elderly in your own town and in society as a whole? Welcome to becoming a member of the Christian Democrats!

** The Christian Democrats build a humane, fair, family-friendly and enterprising neighborly society, where the value of every person is recognized and everyone can live safely. We encourage entrepreneurship and self-development as well as taking responsibility for our neighbors and nature. We defend everyone’s right to freely express their opinions and convictions.

** The Christian Democrats of Finland is part of the international Christian Democratic movement. At the European level, we influence the Christian Democratic European People’s Party (EPP).

** KD is open to people of all ages and anyone who agrees with the values ​​and goals of the party’s principle program and is not a member of another party. A new member must also read KD’s Ethical Guidelines .

** Membership applications for the party are submitted to the local branch of your hometown for approval.

Member Of Christian Democrats Party

** You are invited to regular meetings of your own department and other events.

** You get to influence policy-making through your own municipality’s department and the party’s decision-making bodies.

** You will receive information by mail about the party’s activities and the work and politics of MPs, councilors and other KD influencers.

** Above all, you support our work for the good of the entire Finnish people.

** In all departments that are part of the centralized membership fee system, the membership fee also includes the KD magazine *.

** In 2022, the membership fee will be 35 euros per year for all members, which includes the monthly KD magazine that you can take home. The membership fee for the second member of the household is 15 euros, which does not include the KD magazine.

** No membership fee is charged for those under 18, the consent of the guardian is required. These prices apply to all local chapters participating in the centralized membership fee system. In this case, the annual membership fee also includes the KD magazine.

** NOTE! When you become a member now during the end of 2022, the current year’s membership is free of charge. The first membership fee bill will come in early 2023.

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