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The Green League Party Of Finland Apply For Membership :

Organisation : The Green League Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Finland
Website :

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The Green League Party Membership

The Greens are working on behalf of an equal, safe and fair future. We give a voice to those who would not otherwise be heard – nature, future generations, the vulnerable. By supporting the Greens, you can help us defend the natural environment and education, and combat climate change and poverty.

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How To Apply For The Green League Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for The Green League Party Membership
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the button “Join”
Step-3 : Enter your contact information
Step-4 : Agree with terms and conditions
Step-5 : Select your party branch
Step-6 : Review your choices
Step-7 : Pay the membership fee

Join The Green League Party Membership

** By joining the Greens, you take a stand on world affairs. With your membership fee, you support our work for a better world.
** As a member, you can take part in changing the world: defending human rights, fighting the climate and environment crisis and giving a voice to vulnerable groups in our society.
** Most of the work for the environment, equality, education and a sustainable future, is done between elections.
** We are not just a political party, we are a movement, and our members make the movement strong.You are welcome to join us in action!

Political Programme Of The Green League Party

Let’s protect our environment :
** Let’s halt the loss of biodiversity and safeguard the rights of animals. Decisions must be made and solutions found before climate change and the extinction of species get out of hand.

** Humans are part of — and completely dependent on — nature. However, our lifestyles have outstripped nature’s ability to regenerate. The Greens aim to find ways in which humans can co-exist sustainably with the entire spectrum of life.

** We must make ambitious decisions to protect nature, combat climate change and adapt to its effects. The Greens are seeking fair change, leaving no one behind and distributing the impacts in a just way.

** We must urgently change what we are doing, to ensure that a diverse range of life forms continues on Earth. Tomorrow may be too late, so now is the time to start building a sustainable society.

Let’s invest in education :
** Regardless of their background or life situation, every child, young person and adult has the right to life-long learning and education.

** Student drawingWe take pride in high-quality education at all levels in Finland, and this is the nation’s trump card in international competition. Let’s give everyone a high-quality early childhood education, basic education and an upper secondary education qualification, and invest in higher education to build skills and general knowledge.

** An egalitarian education system has always been the basis of Finland’s success – we keep everyone on board. Education is an investment on which we can build the future.

** Finland must be made a world leader in its level of education, learning outcomes and basis for higher education and research.

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