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Debout la France Party Apply For Membership :

Organisation : Debout la France Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : France
Website :

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Debout la France Party Membership

Join Debout la France and join our fight to defend our ideas!. The courage of convictions Nicolas Dupont-Aignan was born on March 7, 1961 in Paris into a family of 3 children. Passionate about history, bulimic reader of General de Gaulle’s War Memoirs, he comes from a middle-class family, deeply attached to France. An independant france, free french.

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How To Apply For Debout la France Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Debout la France Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Subscribe”
Step-3 : Enter your contact details and fill the form
Step-5 : And click on the button “Create an Account”.

For A Standing France!

** Present at all elections, Debout La France wishes to defend the freedom of the French people and the independence of France.
** It brings together new personalities who oxygenate political life, mayors in the field in association leaders, intellectuals like Dominique Jamet, famous polemicist, courageous personalities like Stéphanie Gibaud, whistleblower or Anne Boissel, farmer.

A finding
** Unemployment, insecurity, debt, repeated scandals… you suffer from seeing France fall so low. You are rightly disgusted by the political life of our country.
** To get out of this choice imposed by the media between the too well-known which we no longer want and the unknown which we do not want, Debout la France offers you another integrated, effective and local policy. Join Debout la France, the only new party, which proposes a project of rupture and unity in a positive spirit. Yes, our country has assets.

** Debout la France is the refusal of collusion, complacency, compromise of the system, the refusal of decline and fatality.
** By defending simple ideas and common sense, our ambition to restore to politics its cleanliness, to the Republic its dignity, to France its alienated independence, its forgotten pride, its lost greatness.
** Nicolas DUPONT-AIGNAN will have had the opportunity to defend our ideas on various occasions during his various mandates:

** He votes the various laws on security in order to really fight against delinquency.
** It is for the same reason that he denounces the disguised release laws for criminals, successively brought by Rachida Dati and today Christine Taubira.

On the economic level, it is strongly committed to the development of participation, so that employees also benefit from economic progress, as well as to the defense of French industry – Péchiney, Alcatel, Arcelor, etc.

Sitting on the Foreign Affairs Committee, he took a stand against the return of France to NATO’s integrated command and defended a firm line of national independence in the Ukrainian crisis, the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan, or the necessary cooperation with Syria to defeat Daesh.

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