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Srilanka Democratic United National Front Party (DNUF) Apply For Membership :

Organisation : Democratic United National Front Party (DNUF)
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Srilanka
Website :

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Democratic United National Front Party Membership

Under the symbol ‘Eagle’(“Raajaalee”) to pave the way to open Half a Century political roadway to more attractive assembly with full democracy. Be an eagle among the eagles, involve in noble polotics without owing to the country to upswing our motherland. Join Democratic United National Front Party.

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How To Apply For Democratic United National Front Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Democratic United National Front Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link.
Step-2 : Click on the link “Get Membership”
Step-3 : In Get your Membership enter your details
Step-4 : Click on the button “Submit”

Vission Of Democratic United National Front Party (DNUF)

** Our theme is ” What is right ” and not ” Who is right ”
** We do not depend on individual politics.
** You too are invited to be a Member in Noble politics To make our country a wealthy one in the globe By team upping the Past, the Present and the Future Intellectual and physical development.

History Of Democratic United National Front Party (DNUF)

** Party constitution was drafted by the Present Leader Ariyawansa Dissanayake and Attorney at Law Rahal Gunarathna. The ‘Flower Lotus’ was selected as the party symbol at the first registration but the Commissioner of Elections did not accept it and therefore we had to amend it to the ‘Eagle’. Party colour was unanimously approved as Yellow and Green.

** Queen’s Counsel A.C Gunarathna was appointed as the First President of the party. Hon. LalithAthulathmudali and Hon. Gamini Dissanayake were elected as Senior Vice Presidents. Hon. Dharmasiri Fonseka was elected as the General Secretary and Attorney at Law Rahal Gunarathna was elected as the Treasurer.

** Elder Hon. Lalith Athulathmudali was elected as the Leader of the Party by their mutual agreement even though Hon. Gamini Dissanayake had more experience in the political field. It was endorsed by the Working Committee as well as the Executive Committee unanimously.

** Qualifying as a recognized and registered political party, started formation of branches, addressed small groups and massive rallies covering the whole Island with help of lots of civil organizations, and party opinion was dripped in to the minds of people.

** Even though our party was newly formed, we faced the Provincial Council Election successfully with the well-tempered broad experience of our leaders that held on 17th May 1993. When election campaign was on, holding massive rallies throughout the country,

** Later on we engaged in political activities with the Democratic National Alliance up to 2015. We join to endorse the victory of Hon.Maithreepala Sirisena who campaigned under the symbol ‘Swan’ at the Presidential Election in 2015. After resignation of General Secretary Hon. R.M.Ariyawansa on 21st June 2015, Party Leader, Hon. Ariyawansa Dissanayake was appointed to the post of General Secretary.

** Our Executive Committee has decided to re-organized the party at the highest degree on 14th August 2016 to find out actual solutions expected by the people of Sri Lanka that other governed political parties could not achieved so far.

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