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Ireland Social Democrats Party Apply For Membership :

Organisation : Ireland Social Democrats Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Ireland
Website :

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Ireland Social Democrats Party Membership

We are building a new social democratic force to shape Ireland by the people for the people. Join the Social Democrats make your commitment to a better future for Ireland by becoming a member today. Would you like to join like-minded people working to bring about a better, fairer Ireland? It’s €20/€5 per calendar year to become a member. The Social Democrats have a proven track record of honesty, hard-work and principled dealing. Become a member today!

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How To Apply For Ireland Social Democrats Party Membership?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Ireland Social Democrats Party Membership
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the button “Get Involved ”
Step-3 : Choose the link “Membership”
Step-4 : And then click o the link “Become a member today”
Step-5 : In Become a member of the Social Democrats
Step-6 : Complete the form by choosing your membership type
Step-7 : Enter your personal details
Step-8 : Click on the button “Next”

Honest Politics Open Government

** Trust is vital for a healthy democracy. If the public are to have trust in our politics and government, then transparency and integrity must be the defining features of all decision making.

** Accountability should not just be a buzz word, but a meaningful component of all our systems of governance and oversight. Individuals and organisations must pay the price for malpractice, corruption and reckless behaviour.

** We must develop a culture that is focused on serving the people of Ireland, not powerful interests who have the ear of ministers and officials.

** It is clear that our government and our political system have not fully embraced transparent decision making or a culture of open government and good governance. The all too cosy nexus between business and politics is alive and well.

** Too often, decisions on the allocation of significant state resources are influenced by the interests of well-connected individuals and organisations without proper recourse to evidence-based analysis, equality proofing, poverty proofing or regulatory impact.

** Inadequate governance and accountability systems are at the heart of cost overruns involving massive amounts of public resources that could be spent elsewhere.

** Repeatedly, we see that questions are asked after the fact and answers are hard to find, particularly when paper trails run out and memories falter.

** In addition, Ireland does not have an effective means of preventing, detecting and prosecuting corruption and white-collar crime.

** Various Tribunals and Commissions of Inquiry have come and gone with little consequences for corrupt and illegal behaviour.

** The Social Democrats have a plan to open up government and improve accountability whilst also tackling corruption in politics and public life. We believe this can restore confidence and trust in our politics and our democracy while encouraging civic participation.

** Honest Politics – Open Government sets out a number of proposed measures under the following headings:
1. Establish an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency:
2. Strengthen Transparency and Accountability in Decision Making
3. Establish an Irish Electoral Commission
4. Institute Meaningful Oireachtas Reform
5. Rebalance Political Funding

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