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Ireland Labour Party Apply For Membership Renewal :

Organisation : Ireland Labour Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership Renewal
Country : Ireland
Website :

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Ireland Labour Party Membership Renewal

Our goal of a New Deal for Ireland depends on people like you – active members, working in their communities to bring about real change in our society. Renew your membership with the Labour Party so we can continue to make Ireland a fairer, kinder, better place. Renew your membership today.

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How To Apply For Ireland Labour Party Membership Renewal?

Follow the below steps, To apply for Ireland Labour Party Membership Renewal
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Get Invoved”
Step-3 : Click on the button “Renew Membership”
Step-4 : Choose your membership fee
Step-5 : In Renew your membership of the Labour Party enter your personal details
Step-6 : Enter your Payment details
Step-7 : Click on the “Renew Now” button.

Policies In Ireland Labour Party

Universal Childcare :
** The childcare system in Ireland is in crisis. The Labour Party want to introduce a publicly funded, universal and affordable childcare scheme which would be accessible to all.

** The childcare system in Ireland is in crisis. Held together by subsidies to private companies, tax credits and grants, parents can barely afford crippling fees, and too many workers are poorly paid.

** Caring and childcare responsibilities still fall predominantly on women in Ireland, which limits women’s employment opportunities. A cost effective, accessible childcare model would give women the chance and the choice to work. State-led, universal, high-quality child care is needed now.

National Autism Empowerment Strategy :
** Labour has developed a National Autism Empowerment Strategy to change how the health care, educational, employment and social needs of people with autism are to be addressed, with parity of access as the underpinning goal

** This strategy takes a right-based approach to the inclusion and acceptance of autistic people in Irish life, that recognises the significant strengths of autistic people and that places their voices, and those of their families at the heart of planning and decision making process, is underpinned by a budget and by draft legislation.

** Autistic people and their families must be empowered to live full and independent lives rooted in the fundamental dignity of every human being.

New Deal for Climate :
** We are committed to a just transition and a green new deal – climate action must be done in a fair but rapid way.

** A New Deal for Climate would mean investing in climate action now, setting out clear and ambitious carbon budgets and climate proofing everything we do as a nation. It means a commitment to a just transition and a new deal on climate action.

** Labour would develop a more ambitious climate change strategy, with clear actions based on science. Labour would achieve Ireland’s climate targets in a way that is socially just, by creating new sustainable jobs. We would double the Just Transition Fund.

** We need to change people’s behaviour and build society around climate principles. Investment in public transport and active travel projects will be crucial. A New Deal for Climate would include free travel for children and young people, as well as a massive expansion of the city bike schemes.

** The effects of climate change are impacting our bodies as well as our planet. Outdoor air pollution results in 1,200 annual premature deaths in Ireland alone. A New Deal for Climate would invest in air quality monitoring to help slow climate change and while improving our health, improving our quality of life and reducing the burden of disease for people living in Ireland.

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