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Saskatchewan New Democratic Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Saskatchewan New Democratic Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Canada
Website :

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How To Apply For Saskatchewan New Democratic Party ?

You can purchase a one, two or three-year membership (or a lifetime membership!). On the next page, choose a one-time membership purchase (and add a donation if you want), or start a monthly donation which automatically looks after your membership each year.

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To apply for Saskatchewan New Democratic Party follow the below steps,
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Get Involved” -> “Become a member”
Step-3 : Choose your Membership type
Step-4 : In your Membership select the membership amount and click “Next step” button
Step-5 : Enter Your information and click “Next step” button
Step-6 : And proceed further to complete it

** If you have any questions please contact us at 306-525-1322 or info [AT] here by apply for membership in the New Democratic Party and promise to abide by the Constitution and principles of the Association as laid down by Annual Convention, and hereby state that I am not a member or supporter of any other political party.

** Annual membership in the Saskatchewan New Democrats expires December 31st each year and must be renewed January 1st or thereafter. Memberships purchased during the annual renewal period (October 1st to December 31st) will be renewed for the following year unless specified otherwise.

Membership Policy In Saskatchewan New Democratic Party

2.1 Membership shall be available to individuals and organizations.

2.2 Any person who undertakes to abide by the constitution and principles of the Party and who is not a member or supporter of any other political party may be accepted as an individual member of the Party.

2.3 All applications for new membership or renewed membership, along with the prescribed fee shall be sent to either the Provincial Office or Federal Office of the New Democratic Party.
The Provincial Office shall issue a membership card. In order to be accepted as a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan Section, all membership applications submitted to the Federal Office must meet the criteria for membership in the Saskatchewan section.

2.4 Applications for new membership and renewed membership shall be accepted by the Provincial Office unless the Constituency Executive or the Provincial Executive requests, in writing, that the Chief Executive Officer withhold the membership.
Any person denied membership under this section shall have the right to appeal as provided for by Article 20.

2.5 Every individual member shall be a member of the Constituency Association in the provincial or federal constituency where they reside. A Member of the Legislative
** Assembly or nominated candidate may request their membership and those of their immediate family be held in the constituency which they represent.

** Should the nominated candidate or MLA be defeated in a provincial election they may continue to hold their transferred membership until such time as a new candidate is nominated to represent that constituency; at which time, transferred memberships will revert to the constituency of residence.

** A Constituency Assistant hired by the Member to work in their Constituency Office may request their membership and those of their immediate family be held in the constituency in which they work.

2.6 Members in good standing shall have the right:
(a) to be a member of the Constituency Association in their constituency of residence, subject to Article 2.5;

(b) to speak freely and openly and vote at the general meetings of their constituency association and any other New Democratic Party clubs or organizations in which they may be a member;

(c) to stand for election as a delegate to any Party Convention or Council representing their Constituency Association;

(d) to vote at a meeting held for the purpose of nominating a candidate for their

Constituency Association In Saskatchewan New Democratic Party

(e) to stand for election as a member of the Executive of their Constituency Association;

(f) to seek nomination as a candidate for a Federal or Provincial Constituency Association;

(g) to stand for election as an Officer of the Party; and

(h) to propose amendments to the program of the Party and amendments to the Constitution.

2.7 No person shall be eligible to act as an Officer of the Party, or as a member of the Provincial Council, or Constituency Executive, or as a delegate to any convention unless that person is an individual member of the Party whose membership is in good standing.2.8 Membership fees shall be fixed by the Provincial Convention.

2.9 Affiliated membership shall be open to trade unions, farm groups, co-operatives and other appropriate organizations which by official act undertake to accept and abide by the constitution and principles of the Party, and are not affiliated with any other political party.

2.10 An application for affiliated membership may be received from a local, regional or provincial organization in Saskatchewan or from the Saskatchewan section of a national or international organization in respect of its membership in Saskatchewan, or from a local, lodge or branch in Saskatchewan of any such organization.

2.11 Application for affiliation shall be made to the Provincial Council and shall not be accepted until approved by Provincial Council.

2.12 The per capita fee for affiliated organizations shall be twenty-five cents per member per month.

2.13 Any member of an affiliated organization may, at any time, notify their organization in writing that they do not wish a per capita payment to be made on their behalf, and the organization shall forthwith cease to make such payment.

2.14 Any individual eligible for membership in the Party may purchase a Lifetime Membership, which provides the full rights of regular membership in the Party. The fee for Lifetime Memberships shall be set by Provincial Council. See Lifetime Election

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