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Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch : Membership Renewal

Organisation : Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch
Facility Name : Apply For Membership Renewal
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Renew Australian Labor Party Victorian Branch Membership?

Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the “Membership” link
Step-3 : Select “Renew Membership”
Step-4 : Enter the Administrative Details
Step-5 : Enter the Contact Details
Step-6 : Chose your Declarations
Step-7 : Enter the Payment details
Step-8 : Click ont he button “Make Payment”

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Education In Australian Labor Party

Education remains the key to both economic and political empowerment.

Education Benefits Everyone :
** Labor believes that education is a fundamental human right. Whether it’s early childhood, primary secondary, uni or TAFE, every child and adult must have access to quality learning.
** For our kids, it’s the foundation that will give them the start they need. For adults it’s helping them build a career and future.
** Everyone deserves a shot at a better future, not just those able to pay massive amounts for it.
** The Community Action Network is built on the same principals of empowerment and is committed to fighting for everyone’s right to a quality education.

Labor Has Made Education More Accessible :
** Through Labor, HECS allowed millions more people to go to university and through the Gonski needs based funding reforms Labor introduced a fairer funding model for every single school across the nation.
** Here in Victoria, Labor governments have continually invested in our public schools and TAFE. After the previous Liberal Government’s funding cuts almost destroyed TAFE it was a Labor government, elected with the help of the Community Action Network, which reopened TAFEs.
** Now these TAFE centres are providing the much needed training skills and apprenticeships to Victorians of all ages.

Health Care In Australian Labor Party

CAN is the grassroots movement that is drawn from Labor people that are organising others to fight for a better Australia.

A Healthy Australia :
** When it comes to healthcare, Labor believes that it should be your Medicare card and not your credit card that determines the level of health care you get in Australia.
** Every man, woman and child should get the help they need, when they need it.
** We live in a society that gives every person an equal say and vote.
** Likewise, Labor believes that every person deserves access to the same opportunities and the same support, regardless of their circumstances.
** The Community Action Network is the grassroots movement that is drawn from Labor people that is using organising to empower other to fight for a better Australia.
** Australian healthcare is built on the ideal of the many helping the few. It shouldn’t be determined by what sort of insurance they can afford.

Medicare. Ndis. Better Hospitals. This Is Labor :
** In 1983, Medicare was established by the Hawke Labor Government. For the first time, every Australian had subsidised access to doctors and hospitals. It’s not just about getting urgent care in an emergency room or a life changing appointment with a specialist.
** Medicare offers the security to millions of Australians that if they need help, our universal healthcare system is there to help.
** Over the decades since, Labor has fought to protect and even expand Medicare. In 2013, it was Labor that legislated the new National Disability Insurance Scheme and it was Labor that has fought ever since to get it funded.
** In Victoria, Labor has built and improved our local hospitals.
** Whether it is building state-of-the-art cancer treatment facilities, expanding our regional hospitals, improving the Royal Children’s, or supporting our hardworking nurses and paramedics, Labor governments have continued to invest in our public health system to ensure it can continue to help millions of Victorians every day.

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