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Western Australia Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Western Australia Party
Election Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Western Australia Party?

The Western Australia Party is the only party registered in Western Australia with the sole purpose of representing the people of Western Australia.Join Us Today.

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Contact us”->”Join”
Step-3 : In Join the Party form enter your personal details
Step-4 : Choose your membership type
Step-5 : Clickon the “Subscribe” button
Step-6 : And proceed the form to complete and apply for membership

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Health Policy Of Western Australia Party

** It is said the most important thing a person needs is good health.
** A person’s health is influenced by their education, by their family and by genetics.
** Drug and alcohol abuse is one of the biggest issues facing Western Australia.
** While the abuse is the choice of the individual, the impacts on the rest of the community can be significant so it is important that drug and alcohol abuse is minimised through education, policing, and having sufficient work opportunities to keep people active and engaged in work, rather than taking drugs or heavy drinking.

Environment Policy Of Western Australia Party

** The Western Australia Party believes there is a balance between mining, agriculture and the environment.
** While Western Australia is blessed with large reserves of many types of resources, our resources are not unlimited; they are finite.
** Hence we must be careful to utilise them in such a way that there will be reserves left for future generations, and to protect the environment from long term damage through erosion, pollution and other impacts.
** Water is a major issue in Western Australia. While desalination has provided increased and more reliable water supplies, it is also very energy intensive and has a pollution downside.
** Water conservation is an important environmental issue for Western Australia and should be encouraged.
** Energy is going through a worldwide transition, from finite fossil fuel sources to renewable sources.
** Western Australia has to make this transition in a phased and responsible way, to maintain energy security, jobs and the economy.

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