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Australian Science Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Australian Science Party
Election Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Australian Science Party?

Join Science Party to increase opportunity for all individuals, and push society towards the pursuit of knowledge, for the benefit of all of humanity.Follow the below steps to join Science Party now

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on “Join For Free” button
Step-3 : In Science Party membership form enter your personal details
Step-4 : Confirm all your details required
Step-5 : Click on “Sign Up” button

Join the Australian Science Party

Join Science Party and make a difference!
** Small parties are under attack, so we’re becoming a larger party broadening our membership base, geographical reach, and policy scope.
** We are becoming Fusion, a merger of four parties:
** Science Party
** Pirate Party
** Secular Party
** Climate Emergency Action Alliance – Vote Planet
** Fighting the dystopia, corruption and economic inequity of today’s politics, we bring our specialist focuses of acting on the climate emergency, unlocking the future, free culture, and secular humanism to the fore.
** Sign up below to be part of this movement for a brighter future!
** Make sure your membership details match the electoral roll

Australian Science Party Constitution

1. Party aims and beliefs:
** The Science Party believes the quality of life of the human race is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace.
** The Science Party believes our economy and our society should be structured so as to maximise the development and adoption of technology wherever it is advantageous and safe to do so.
** The Science Party’s goal is to help make Australia an advanced, technologically superior country with a high quality of life for all its citizens and residents.
** The Science Party aims to achieve this and other secondary goals by influencing the policies of the executive and legislative branches of government in Australia.
** This will include endorsing candidates for Senate and House of Representatives elections, who will where elected to office work to further the ideas and values of the Science Party.

2. Name:
** The Party shall be named “Science Party”. The Party will have the abbreviation of “Science”.
** It shall also be known as “Science Party of Australia” and “Science Party”. In this Constitution, “the Party” will also refer to “Science Party”.

3. Members:
3.1. Membership definition and eligibility:
** The Party shall be a voluntary association of people, referred to throughout this Constitution as “members” or “Party members”.
** Any permanent resident or citizen of Australia who is not a current member of any other Australian political Party is eligible to become a member of the Party.

3.2. Membership requirements and procedures:
** Members will be required to have current financial status within the Party.
Financial status shall be subject to payment of membership fees and shall last 12 months.
** The fees for membership shall be determined by the Treasurer, with changes subject to veto by the Executive, and shall be recorded in Schedule A, to be maintained by the Treasurer.
** All memberships (past and future) shall be dated from the date of application for membership.
** The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all records and implementing all procedures pertaining to Party membership.
** No further requirements beyond those detailed in this clause and the preceding one shall be put on membership.
** Currently financial members shall not be required to make further payments when membership rates change.

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