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Party : Taleem Yafta Pakistan Party
Symbol : Basket
Name of the Current Leader : Prof. Muhammad Amjad Khan

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Taleem Yafta Pakistan Party Membership

** Membership of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY shall be open to all adult citizens of Pakistan who are not members of any political organization declared as such by the working committee of TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY

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(i) sign as declaration that he/she is in agreement with the aims and objectives of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY and will abide by its rules and constitution and
(ii) pays the prescribed subscription in advance.
** Only members of TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY will be eligible to become office bearers of different tiers of the party.
** The membership fee of the party will be Rs.1000/- per year and party will issue membership cards to each member of the party.

Party Ideology : Education is the fundamental right of human being.
Slogan : Education is the only solution of the problems.
Aims : Our aim and object is to give education free to each Pakistani either poor or rich on equal basis same environment, and same curriculum in both the sectors Government or Private.

Member Ship Form :
The following details need to be filled.
1- Name
2- Father’s Name
3- C.I.C.
4- Home Address
5- Phone (Mobile)
6- I am willing to become a member of Taleem Yafta Pakistan Party and I agree to abide by the policies of Taleem Yafta Pakistan Party.

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