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Party : Taleem Yafta Pakistan Party
Symbol : Basket
Name of the Current Leader : Prof. Muhammad Amjad Khan

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Home Page :

The party shall called Taleem Yafta Pakistan Party

Party Flag :
Flag consist of Seven Colors which are Red, Orange, Indigo, Green, Blue, Yellow and Violet. Combination of these seven colors produce a light, and this light is significant of end of darkness and this darkness is due to diseases, illiteracy, poverty, terrorism, insecurity (life, property and respect), racism problems and energy crisis. Moon in the flag represent the prevailing of light on darkness.

Meanings of the Colors in the Flag:
1. Red represents the Health.
2. Orange represents the Education
3. Indigo represents the Wealth.
4. Green represents the Harmony & Peace
5. Blue represents the Protection of people of Pakistan.
6. Yellow represents the rights of minorities.
7. Violet represents the Energy

Meaning of Basket Symbol:
We will fill the basket with fruits. These fruits are the result of struggle against the diseases, illiteracy, poverty, terrorism, insecurity (life, property and respect), racism problems and energy crisis.

Time and venue of Session :
A session of the Convention of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY may be held at such time and place as the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY the president of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY may determine. Every member of the Convention shall pay a fee of Rs.100/- before attending a session, or any fee determined by CWC from time to time.

Quorum :
The quorum for a session of the Convention shall be one third of the total membership.

Functions :
The Convention shall periodically review the affairs of TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY and recommend measures to strengthen the party. The Central Working Committee of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY shall act as a Subject Committee to frame and adopt resolutions to be placed before the Convention.

The Council :
The Council of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY shall consist of the following:
a) 100 members elected by the Council of Punjab

Term of Office :
Duration of the membership of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY council shall be 2 years, but members would continue to serve in the Council until new members are elected to replace them. The President shall, twelve months before the expiry of the term of the council, notify the date by which the constituent bodies should elect their representatives to the Council of TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY. In case a Provincial TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY Council fails to elect their representatives within the prescribed period, the Working Committee of TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY shall have the power to nominate members from the defaulting province.

Attendance Fee :
Every member of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY Council shall pay, in advance, a fee of Rs.1000 before attending a session or any fee determined by CWC from time to time.

Meetings of the Council :
(a) The TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY council shall meet at the discretion of the President, provided that he shall convene at least one meeting in every calendar year.
(b) President TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY shall convene special meeting of the council at any time to discuss party organizational as well as other matters.

Requisition for Meeting :
A special meeting of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY council shall be convened if the Secretary General receives a written requisition signed by one fourth of the total membership, stating the purpose for which the meeting is required to be convened. The requisitioned meeting shall be convened within 2 weeks of the receipt of such requisition, failing which the members requisitioning the meeting shall be entitled to convene the meeting themselves.

Prior Notice of the Meeting :
The Secretary General shall, not less than 20 days prior to the ordinary meetings and 10 days prior to special meeting, issue to each member a notice stating the time and place of the meeting. A press announcement to that effect shall also be made by the Secretary General

Agenda of the meeting :
The agenda of every ordinary meeting shall be issued at least 7 days before the meeting, provided that this period may be curtailed by the President in special circumstances.
The members must notify the Secretary General 3 days before the meeting, if they want to table a resolution giving the text of the same.
The President may with the consent of the Council permit the discussion of a subject even though the requirement of notice has not been fulfilled.

Quorum :
One third of total membership shall form the quorum of a meeting of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY Council.

Delegation of Powers :
The council may delegate any one or more of its powers to the Central working Committee, The President or any other office bearer of the TALEEMYAFTA PAKISTAN PARTY with such limitations and conditions as it may deem fit to impose.

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