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Australian Queensland Labor Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Australian Labor Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Applicable State: Queensland, Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For Queensland Labor Party Membership?

To apply for Queensland Labor Party Membership, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Join labour”
Step-3 : Fill the New Member Application form
Step-4 : Click on “Next Page” and Proceed further

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The strength of the Australian Labor Party is the strength of numbers — the thousands of Australians who are active, committed members. Join us in the fight to make Australia a country where nobody is held back or left behind.

Make Your Voice Heard:
Our movement needs your voice more than ever. As a Queensland Labor member, you can help shape decisions affecting our community, influence the policy of Labor Governments and discuss new ideas with passionate members.

Get Organised:
Help make the news, not just read about it. By getting involved in the Labor Party, members can access exclusive political training and develop their campaigning skills to become the most effective agent for change in their local communities.

Change Starts Here:
Change doesn’t start by hitting like on Facebook, you have to fight for it. Campaign to restore fairness and justice to Queensland and to protect our Labor values.

Take The Next Step:
** We have so much to fight for today. Whether it be about gender equality, worker’s rights, protecting Medicare, or fair funding for our schools.
** If we don’t organise now, we’ll have nothing left to stand on in the future. So take the next step, and join the Queensland branch of the Labor Party today!

Queensland Labor Party Story

** Being Labor means that you are part of a movement that is dedicated to ensuring all Australians have access to a good education, quality health services and opportunities to succeed and prosper.
** As a party, we believe in the values of equality, opportunity, fairness and reform, and have a proud history of fighting for and delivering these goals.
** From workers’ rights and entitlements, like the minimum wage, superannuation and annual leave, to anti-discrimination laws and universal health and education systems – the Labor Party has always been the party dedicated to keeping Australia fair.
** The Australian Labor Party has its roots in the workers’ rights movements of the late 19th Century. Many decades of struggle and suppression motivated organised labour to establish Labor Electoral Leagues to pursue political representation – all for the betterment of Australian working men and women.

Contact Queensland Labor

Please send completed form to PO Box 5032 West End QLD 4101 or email to info AT

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