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Liberal Party Victoria Membership :

Organisation : Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Applicable State/Territory : Victoria
Country : Australia
Website :

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Liberal Victoria Membership

Membership of the Liberal Party is through our State and Territory Divisions.

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How To Apply For Liberal Victoria Membership?

** Please contact the Membership and Engagement Team on 1800 759 586 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday to complete an application over the phone or complete the online application.

Apply Here :

** Once your application has been processed you will receive an email or letter with your member number and instructions on how to access our online system.
** New members are pending members for 45 days and once the 45 day period ends you become a full member.

** Members at large are pending members for 90 days and once the 90 day period ends you become a full member.
** On completion of your pending period you will be eligible to nominate yourself for an office bearer position, within your FEC, SEC or selected branch.
** You will also be able to attend State Council, join a policy forum or be a guest of a delegate at State Assembly.

FAQ On Liberal Victoria Membership

Frequently Asked Question FAQ On Liberal Victoria Membership

Do I have to join a branch?
** You do not have to join a branch. We do however suggest members join their local electorate conference to have full rights as a Party member.
** If you are a continuous member for 2 years and there is a preselection in your area you may be eligible to attend the preselection and vote for a candidate.

What is a member at large?
** If you do not join a branch or electorate conference, you can become a Member at Large.
** A Member at Large means you are not part of an electorate or branch. This means you support the Party but do not want to be active in a branch or Federal Electorate Conference/State Electorate Conference.
** Also as a Member at Large you will NOT be able to hold office bearer positions or vote in candidate pre-selections.

How does the Party communicate with me?
We communicate MAINLY with our members via email. This is to ensure you receive timely information and also to ensure our postage expenses are kept to a minimum. Please ensure you and your family can provide us with specific, individual email addresses so we don’t send you multiple emails.

Are there restrictions on a new member’s participation in the Liberal Party?
** The only restriction on a new member’s participation in the Liberal Party relates to the pre-selection conventions for the selection of candidates for State and Federal Parliament.
** After two years of continuous membership of the Liberal Party, you may be eligible to attend pre-selection conventions for your FEC or SEC or to be balloted, if a member is an elected State Council delegate they may be balloted for other Federal and State preselection conventions.

Why become a member?
** Our members are the lifeblood of our organisation and the contribution that our members make plays a vital role in enabling the Liberal Party to achieve positive results for all Australians, and our great country.
** As a member of the Liberal Party you will have the opportunity to put your values into action, supporting the success and growth of our Party and help shape good government for both Victoria and Australia.

What can I do as a member?
** Help select our candidates by attending candidate pre-selections for both your Federal and State Electorate Conferences.
** Campaign for the election of our endorsed candidates in both your Federal and State Electorate Conferences who represent our shared values.
** Contribute to policy development by participating in Policy Forums or attending State Council.
** Connect with other Party members with similar interests and values at many Liberal Events.

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