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Organisation : Embassy of the Philippines, London, UK
Election Name : 2022 Philippine National Elections
Applicable For : Filipino Citizens Overseas
Last Date : 14th October 2021
Website :

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DFA Philippine National Elections

Filipino citizens overseas are eligible to vote for the 2022 Philippine National Elections, which will be undertaken by postal voting for the UK and Ireland.

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In order to be take part in the process, you will need to be registered overseas voter. If you were able to vote in the UK or Ireland during the 2019 Philippine Mid-term Elections, you do not need to register again.

Who Are Eligible To Register As Voters?

** All citizens of the Philippines abroad, who are not otherwise disqualified by law, at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of elections.
** Those who became naturalised as foreign citizens but who have not yet undergone the process of reacquiring their Philippine citizenship are considered foreign citizens and therefore do not have the right to vote during the Philippine elections.

Individuals disqualified under Philippine law to vote during Philippine elections:
** Those who have lost their Filipino Citizenship;
** Those who have expressly renounced their Philippine citizenship and who have pledged allegiance to a foreign country except those who have reacquired or retained their Philippine citizenship under Republic Act No. 9225, otherwise known as the ‘Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003;
** Those who have committed and are convicted in a final judgment by a Philippine court or tribunal of an offense punishable by imprisonment of not less than one (1) year, such disability not having been removed by plenary pardon or amnesty: Provided, however, That any person disqualified to vote shall automatically acquire the right to vote upon the expiration of five (5) years after service of sentence; and
** Any citizen of the Philippines abroad previously declared insane or incompetent by competent authority in the Philippines or abroad, as verified by the Philippine embassies, consulates or Foreign Service establishments concerned, unless such competent authority subsequently certifies that such person is no longer insane or incompetent.

How to Register for the 2022 National Elections ?

Overseas Voter Registration for First-Time Voters
Below is a guide on how to register as an overseas voter if you have never voted before in any Philippine election. First-time registrants are required to appear in person at the Overseas Voter Registration Desk, Philippine Embassy, 10 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG to have their biometric data and photographs captured.

Planning Your Visit:
** We continue to observe health and safety standards due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19. You may schedule your visit at the Philippine Embassy, please email or with the subject line, “Overseas Voter Registration “.
** Please attach a scanned copy of the data page of your valid Philippine passport. If you are a dual citizen, please include a scanned copy of your Identification Certificate.
** Walk-in applicants are welcome. You may proceed to 10 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG with your complete set of requirements.

Basic Requirements :
** One (1) printed copy, completed and signed OVF Form (Complete the form here). DO NOT SELECT AN APPOINTMENT THROUGH THE iREHISTRO form.
** Valid Philippine passport
** One (1) photocopy, data page of Philippine passport
** If your Philippine passport is not available, please request for a DFA Certificate form from the Overseas Voter Registration Officer during your visit to the Philippine Embassy.

Supporting Documents

For Dual Citizens (via RA 9225):
** Original and one (1) photocopy of the Order of Approval or Identification Certificate

For Seafarers:
** Valid Seaman’s Book
** One (1) photocopy, data page of Seaman’s book

What to Bring During Your Visit:
Help us make sure your visit is swift and convenient by making sure you are ready with the following documents when you visit us:

** Signed and completed Oversea Voter Registration Form
** Original and one (1) photocopy of valid Philippine passport
** Original and one (1) photocopy of supporting documents

What to Expect During Your Visit:
** Your schedule and supporting documents will be verified at the pre-checking counter. If your documents are incomplete, you will be asked to reschedule your visit.
** After your documents have been checked for authenticity and completeness, your photograph and biometric data will be captured through the equipment provided by COMELEC. This is the final step in the process.
** If you are not a first-time voter, please proceed to the next section for guidance on how to file an application to reactivate / transfer your records online.

Applications That Can Be Completed Online:
The COMELEC-Office for Overseas Voting (COMELEC-OFOV) has been authorized to receive and process the following applications / transactions online from overseas Filipino who have existing voters’ registration records with complete biometric data in the Commission’s voter record database, such as the following:

** Certification as an oversea voter
** Reinstatement of names inadvertently omitted from the National Registry of Overseas Voters (NROV)
** Correction of entries in the Overseas Voter’s Registration Record (OVRR), specifically on the following data fields:
** Request to withdraw the application for registration
** Request to cancel OVRR
** Reactivation of overseas voter records that were deactivated due to causes listed Section 14 of the Overseas Voting Act of 2013
** Updating of mailing or postal addresses and other contact information of registered Overseas voters
** Transfer of registration records between different Posts or Countries
** Transfers of registration records from overseas / Post to a Philippine city / municipality, but only insofar as the cancellation of the overseas voters’ names from the Certified List of Overseas Voters (CLOV) and the removal of their overseas voter’s registration from the Book of Voters are concerned
** Applications for issuance of certified true copy of Overseas Voters’ Registration Record, and other OFOV-related activities

Interested registrants / applicants can file their requests through any of the following:
** By using the iRehistro System on the COMELEC Website through this link.
** By email at
** By Facebook Messenger through this link.

For a step-by-step guide, please click this link. Applications requiring the live capture of the voters’ biometric data such as their photographs, signatures, and fingerprints, are not covered by the aforementioned Resolution.

Last Date

Voter Registration Has Been Extended To 14 October 2021.


For enquiries, please email

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  1. we just deed our dual citizen and we want to register as a voter can we just go for walk in in the embassy this coming thursday what time can we register in the embassy thank you

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