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Overseas Voter Registration Philippines : Commission on Elections

Organization : Commission on Elections (
Facility : Overseas Voter Registration
Country : Philippines
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From the Official Twitter of COMELEC Philippines:

You may call  at 525-9296 to check for your precinct number

COMELEC Overseas Voter Registration

We at the OFOV, with the able support of our public partners, value every citizen’s fundamental right of suffrage. With this in mind, we do our best to make the registration and voting processes more accessible to all qualified Filipino citizens overseas.

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With the passage of Republic Act 9189 as amended by Republic Act 10590 or the Overseas Voting Act of 2013, the voice of our fellow citizens abroad can now be heard. This time, the fact of being away from home should never be a hindrance for Filipino citizens abroad to exercise their fundamental right of suffrage.

In view of the forthcoming 2016 National and Local Elections, all qualified Filipino citizens are encouraged to register for the purpose of exercising their sacred right of suffrage. Qualified overseas Filipino citizens simply need to visit the Philippine embassy or Foreign Service Post in the country where they are presently residing or any of the field and mobile registration centers in the Philippines.

Moreover, registration and accomplishment of election related forms have also been made easier for all qualified Filipino citizens both here and abroad. Through the COMELEC’S iRehistro Project, any qualified Filipino citizen can now accomplish election related forms on-line at any time in the convenience of their homes. All they have to do is visit the COMELEC website and follow the iRehistro link.

Finally, we call on all qualified overseas Filipino citizens to make their voices heard and make their votes count, register and vote in the coming 2016 elections

iRehistro for Overseas Voting

Welcome to iRehistro for Overseas Voting, your portal to the on-line accomplishment of the Overseas Voter Registration Form (OVRF).

Take note that using this online facility only attempts to facilitate the process of accomplishment of the Application Form. It DOES NOT automatically mean approval of your application. You still have to personally appear before your country’s Philippine Embassy or Consulate for biometrics capture to complete the filing process.

After this, the Resident Election Registration Board (RERB) still has to approve your application during the scheduled date for the next RERB hearing.

iRehistro Security Warning

iRehistro is being made available from a secure site that uses Open Source security certificate.

If this may sound foreign sounding to you, do not worry. It simply means that we are trying to secure your information from unscrupulous people who may want to steal your information.

If you access an iRehistro online form for the first time from a computer or a mobile device, you may get a message telling that you that the connection is untrusted or unsafe. (This is different for every browser.)

Just select the next available option for you to be able to continue with the process until you get to the actual online form that you need.

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  1. Abrena, Cesar Mabasa

    I am a Caloocan City NCR Third District registered voter. While in Qatar, I applied for registration/certification for approval of Qatar RER on 27 March 2015. Claim date was November 2015, number 6342520140005705. I was not able to claim because I left Qatar for good before claim date. Also I was not able to vote in succeeding elections.
    Please advice me so that I can vote this coming Election.
    Thank you and God bless.


  3. Last election 2016, I voted in Philippines Embassy Tokyo. Now I want to vote in this upcoming election. Please assist me.

  4. I want to confirm my vote registration, I applied in last 2017.

  5. Abdulhair A. Basalal

    My registration date is February 03,2018 and place is Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So, where can I get my voters ID and what is the website and how to check my voters ID.

  6. Marrites R. Suson

    I voted in May 2016 at Philippines embassy in Abu Dhabi. How can I get my voter’s ID?

  7. I voted in Lebanon last election but I didn’t get my voters ID and I’m here now in the Philippines staying for good. How can I get my id?

  8. When can I get my voter’s ID?

  9. Just like to ask until now didn’t receive my voter’s ID. When it will be released? I vote last April in Philippine Embassy Bahrain.

  10. Lejandro Conde Lundang

    I ask If my registration is active?



  12. Petronilo B. Pascual

    I am registered voter but not possible to vote, but I want to vote we have internet on board.

  13. Cristito Jamig JR

    I am a registered OFW voter and I am on leave during election day.

  14. Can I ask about the pros to vote? I am OFW now from Malaysia. 6months here already. But I don’t know how to vote because I ask my friend in embassy. Its too late for me to vote because before. I am here in Malaysia. I need to register in Philipines first. So can I ask if there it is possible to vote in this coming presidential election?

  15. I am registered in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I want to transfer my registration here in Al Khobar.

  16. How to get my voters id and I did my registration last October at Dubai consulate until now I didn’t get it. Is it possible to vote even without id? Please let me know.

  17. I got a ballot in the mail from the Phil. Consulate General here in NYC but the thing is I never registered to vote. What am I suppose to do with this? I don’t intend to vote and I don’t want them voting for me.

  18. I need to know if there’s any option available for us to vote in Hongkong while we are in tour on May 9, 2016? We are on vacation there from May 7- May 12. I would appreciate a detailed response about this.

  19. I received an official ballot from California (previous residence) for the May 9 Philippine Elections but I’m not registered to vote in the Philippines. I don’t know why they sent me a ballot but can I still mail it to the Consulate? Will my vote still count?

  20. Ma. Loudy Guyos Sunga

    I registered in Philippine embassy Riyadh last sept. 30, 2015. Now I am here in Philippines. I want to vote here but I cannot find my name in any precint here. What happened to my registration then?

  21. How to verify my name as it is till active here in Lebanon?

  22. Elvira Duenas Alfar

    I am Registered in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I want to transfer my Registration here in Nagoya Japan. How to apply?

  23. I was registered in Abudhabi but I am here in the Philippines now. Can I vote here instead? And how?

  24. Voting abroad still not automated? Why?

  25. Teresa tenio marmol

    I just want to ask if my application for registration for this coming presidential election is valid. I was applied in September 2014 at owwa building.

  26. I am a residence of Eastern Province of Jubail, On December 2013, I had registered to Riyadh Embassy as an OAV due to my passport renewal requirement.

    I went to vote in IPSA Al Khobar on 10 April 2016, unfortunately my name is not listed in Al-Khobar Precinct and they told me to vote in Riyadh instead, which is more or less 600 Km from Jubail.

    I would further appreciate if you would forward my name in Al-Khobar Presinct so I can vote at the earliest.

    Thank you and best regards.

  27. Where can I find the list of registered voters in Philippine presidential election in South Korea ?

  28. Mark Arven R.Ybanez

    How to verify my status if i could not find my name in the registered voters in Singapore,but as I remembered it, I did registered in Philippine embassy in Singapore last October 2015.

    1. I also encounter the same thing. My voters id is even ready for collection. Then when I checked I am not on the list for registered voter in Singapore.

  29. Could you transfer my name from Jeddah to Al Khobar?

  30. Hipolito G. Gabato

    I am registered voter in Jeddah KSA since Absentee implemented but up to now still I do not receive my Absentee Voters ID. I therefore request to forward in Jeddah as per my personal details as follow:
    Name: Hipolito SR.
    Middle Name: Gabutan
    Last Name: Gabato
    Date of Birth:January 30, 1948
    Employer: Azzam Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd.
    Employed Date:April 1990
    Email: billing AT

  31. How to verify if name is still active?

  32. I just want to know if I can participate in this coming election. I registered in POEA, Ortigas last 09-23-14 and my latest overseas employment is Qatar.

  33. Where and how can I check my name as a voter in bahrain’s list?

  34. Rosario Valdez Gadia

    In behalf of our fellow OFW here in Athens, Greece, we would like to ask why many of us here who’s got a voters ID doesn’t have our names in the voter’s list at the Philippine Embassy in Athens. Where can we complain regarding this matter. We want to exercise our rights to suffrage but how can we do it since we can’t find our names. Please waiting for your reply. Thank you & God bless the people of the Philippines.

  35. Sheila Marie Costes Alvarez

    I am registered voter in Phil and I have my Voters ID, but I haven’t registered here in Saudi Arabia. Can I also vote here?

  36. randy buban tibor

    Randy buban tibor if my name is in the list of deactivated record is there any chance to activate to vote since my address here abroad still the same. thanks

  37. How to check if my name is on the list from hongkong?

  38. My name is in the list

  39. Rolando R. Puerto

    I registered in POEA last July 8 2015 with complete Biometrix but my name was not included in the master list here in Dubai Phil. Embassy how can I vote for this on going Presidential Election 2016

  40. Can I vote in Kuwait? I have only Philippines voters id. Please I need to know.

  41. I want to verify if still valid my registration in comelec?

  42. How can I check if my name is in voter list I am here in Riyadh?

    1. I am a Registered Overseas Absentee Voters, now here in Alberta, Canada. How can I vote this 2016 election? The Philippine Embassy which I am registered is in Vancouver, Canada.

  43. I need help from the comelec. Could you please transfer my name from Riyadh to Alkhobar?
    My passport number is EC3667241.

  44. Jefferson Siblero Clarion

    Where can I register or is it still possible for me to vote this coming national election?

  45. Grace Galagar Bella

    I cannot find any link here on how to vote online. I’m a registered absentee voter here in Europe. I received an email from the embassy to visit this COMELEC site and dfa site but I cannot find any link. Please help. Thank you.

  46. We are certainly worried about the ballot papers for the OFW’s that is viral at the moment. We are wondering why the MAR ROXAS AND LENIE ROBREDO tandem are clearly highlighted? What can you say about this? We need your fair and immediate action with this regard.

  47. Marites Grande Prieto

    I want to know if my name is still active. Can I vote here in this coming press Election?

  48. Can an overseas absentee voter vote only for national or for local candidates? or both?

  49. Sherill R.Castillo

    how to register here in Singapore? Its my first time to vote as a overseas worker.

  50. Where we can find the registered name list? I’m in UAE now and I’m a registered voter in the phil since 2009 but since comelec change the bio metrics registration. So I don’t know if my name is still valid or I can still vote?

  51. How to vote online?

  52. Cynthia l lacanaria

    I am working here online in Dubai. I want to vote in this coming election.

  53. Perlita Lintao Ibarra

    Hi, I want to vote this coming 2016 Philippine elections can I vote online? Thank you very much

  54. Where I can see the list of qualified voters? I’m here in Hong Kong.

    1. I could not find registered voter list in the official website.

  55. Can I ask if I will vote this coming election?

    1. Precint Finder page is under maintenance.

  56. I want to vote in this coming election 2016 in the Philippines. Where I can find help? I am Dammam Saudi Arabia.

  57. I registered since April 19,2012 but until now I didn’t receive my voter ID.

  58. Please help me to retrieve my name in commelec.

  59. How can I check if my name is in voter list in Sengapore?

    1. Check in website of Phil consulate in Singapore and scroll down you can find list of OFW voters then click and search your name.

  60. Baby Jean Quitor Penado

    I just want to know if my name is still active. I registered on April 15 2012.

  61. When I was processing my documents at the DFA Manila last July 21, 2015, I was asked by one of your staffs if I am an OFW and I said yes, so she gave me a form to be filled up since that I will vote outside the country. So she catered me the process of the registration which was even biometrics catered on me. She gave me a stub or acknowledgement receipt for my registration and now as I checked my name on the List of Overseas Voters List here in Dubai, I couldn’t find my name. I never skipped voting since 2004 until 2013 by the way, but still what in the world happened to my name, what will I do now to still catch up with the 2016 elections?

    1. I’m having the same issue like yours. I already have this stub, but now its useless because the immigration here in Qatar told us that there’s nothing they can do about it anymore. They didn’t follow up comelec about it.

    2. Try to find your name on other country’s list. I’m staying here in Japan but found my name on list under Nigeria.

  62. How to check if I am listed in the OFW voter’s list?

  63. Nagae Hazel Lacida

    I did not see my name on the list of voters list in Osaka.

  64. Belen A. Fortaleza

    Presently I am here in Seoul South Korea,last July 2015. I renewed my passport and automatically I filled up form for voters ID,and I’ve kept the claim stub,but I haven’t received my ID yet. Can I vote this coming May for Presidential election here in Seoul Phil. Embassy?

  65. Clarification:
    When I secured my OEC last May 2015 at POEA I asked there about registration for OFW absentee voting, and they responded that you will just show to the PH embassy your PH passport to vote. Now, when I asked our PH Embassy in Baghdad Iraq (I am working here in Erbil) they told me that they doesn’t have activity for absentee voting here in Erbil Iraq. Why there is no absentee voting? How we can vote for our freedom to select for the next PH President.

  66. Danilo M. Lacuesta

    I was registered in Saudi Arabia and confirmed it is the qualified voter’s list. The problem is we have an urgent retrenchment of workers and I’m one of them to move soon to Philippines. I wasn’t to cast my vote as I’m qualified though to vote as OAV, how can I be counted as one voters? Please assist me not to lost my vote.

    Thank you and God bless you more!

  67. I want to ask something because I just arrived here in Holland. I want to vote this coming may 2016 elections, but I registered in Phils. Is this valid here in Netherlands or I need to register again here?


    I want to know if my name is still active so that i can vote this coming presedential election.. (OAV) thank you

  69. I registered in the UAE last year(2015) for overseas absentee voting. Now I am back in the Philippines. Is my voters registration abroad valid here? How do I fix it to be able to vote this coming elections?

  70. I want to know if my name is still active. So I can vote here in this coming press Election..

  71. When we can get our voters id here? I go to consulate yesterday they give me the telephone no of comelec in the Philippines.

  72. How can I check if I’m still a registered voters? I’m an OFW and I’ve casted my vote last presidential election?

  73. Elsie Callo Mahasol

    I am a registered voter in Philippines. I even voted last 2013 in Baranggay election and now am here in Malaysia and I lost my voter id. Can I get a voters id from our embassy here?

  74. If my sister from turkey can vote here in the Philippines for 2016 election even she was activated and had her voter’s I’d in turkey? Because her vacation falls on May 2016.

  75. I am at Toronto, Canada. Is there any possibility to register to vote online?

  76. My registration record is still active. But I didn’t make biometric? Can I vote in this coming election?

  77. Where I can claim my ID voters? I registered last 2009 here at the Philippine embassy Beirut Lebanon.

  78. Julieta Soto Villafañe

    I registered at Phil Consulate, HK SAR last April, 2OO9. I vote for presidential en senatorial candidate.. My question is, why until now the comelec have not sent my voters ID at the Phil Consulate, here in HK? It’s been 7 years now!

  79. Hildobrando Soriano Jr

    I already a registered voter through biometrics here in Oman and planing to vote in the phil. Is that possible?

    1. Can a registration record be transferred to another post?
      In the event of change of voting venue, an application for transfer of registration record must be filed by the overseas voter with the OFOV, through its Chairperson, at least one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the start of the overseas voting period: Provided, That those who would eventually vote in the Philippines should register within the time frame provided for local registration in the municipality, city or district where they intend to vote: Provided, further, That those who have registered in the municipality, city or district where they resided prior to their departure abroad need not register anew: Provided, finally, That transferees shall notify the OFOV, through its Chairperson, of their transfer back to the Philippines at least one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the next national elections for purposes of cancelling their names from the CLOV and of removing their overseas voter’s registration from the book of voters

  80. My name in the voter’s list is deactivated. How can I activate it? I was registered at the Phil. Embassy Riyadh. I want to vote in this coming National Election 2016

  81. I would like to ask about the overseas voting reactivation. According to the news we could still registered even if we did not participate for the last two elections. Please advice.

  82. I want to vote online on next yr election but my problem is how to vote online or need to go to philippine embassy w/c country I am working now..

  83. I just want to ask regarding the ads from dfa-oav website saying that the registration is extended till Dec 9,2015. We want to know the schedule and where in Saudi? I am an ofw here in dammam Saudi Arabia.

  84. I am a newly resident of Scarborough, Ontario , Canada. Is there an extension for the registration of voters?

    1. The voter registration in relation to 2016 National and Local Elections has already ended effective 31 October 2015, 9:01pm.

  85. Where we can check if our names are still active? We are here in Saudi.

    1. You can check the status using the link given in the post.

  86. Does it make any sense if I process my reactivation abroad and vote in Philippines? I will be home before election. Thanks

    1. The period for filing applications for new registration and other voter-related applications has already lapsed last 31 October 2015 (Saturday).

  87. I am an OFW, just want to know if I still can claim my voters ID because since I registered in our Phil. Consulate at Dubai that was 8th Aug. 2012 when I renew my passport then I took the opportunity to register, then after filling up the forms and taken the biometrics and picture, they told me from the Consulate itself that it will be sent through mail there at my local address in the Phils. since it is already 3 years passed I did not received any ID from the COMELEC.

  88. How to verify my name as it is still active?

  89. To verify if my name is still active?

    1. PLEASE NOTE that if your registration record has been deactivated, it should not be a reason for your record not to be found. The Precinct Finder facility should be able to display your deactivated registration record using the information you provided.

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