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All posts from Voto Informado : 2021 Peru General Election

Organisation : National Jury of Elections
Election Name : Peru General Election 2021
Facility : Voto Informado
Election Date : 11th April 2021
Country : Peru

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JNE Peru General Election

The 2021 General Elections is the electoral process where we will elect the President and Vice Presidents of the Republic, as well as the Peruvian congressmen and representatives before the Andean Parliament for the 2021-2026 government period.

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The general elections will be held on April 11, 2021, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

JNE Peru Voto Informado

Citizens, everyone welcome to Informed Vote, our renewed website. You will be able to find in this portal information about the 2021 General Elections, the participating political organizations, the total number of candidates, their resumes and their government plans.

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Peru General Election 2021 FAQs

Who will be able to vote in the 2021 General Elections?
Peruvians and Peruvians over 18 years of age registered in the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) may vote. On election day, they must carry their ID. Similarly, Peruvians living abroad are obliged to vote in general elections and popular consultations.

Is voting mandatory?
Voting is mandatory up to 70 years of age and failure to comply is a fine. However, according to the Sixth Transitory Provision of Law No. 21038, people in risk groups for COVID-19 are exempt from paying the fine for omission to vote for the 2021 General Elections process.

Could a person who turns 18 be able to vote on the day of the election?
Yes, young people who turn 18 until the day of the 2021 General Elections, next April 11, will be able to cast their vote.

Is it possible to vote with an expired DNI?
Yes, it is allowed to vote with an expired ID. National identity documents (DNI) that have expired or are about to expire will remain valid until June 30, 2021.

What is the SIJE-E?
It is a web system through which users can submit writings to the JNE or to the corresponding JEE, for the initiation of a jurisdictional procedure that may or may not be related to an electoral process. This procedure will generate an electronic file.

Who can use the SIJE-E?
It can be used by representatives of political organizations, observers, officials of public entities, pollsters and citizens in general.

How do I get an account at SIJE-E?
To obtain an account, enter the SIJE-E main screen and click on the CREATE ACCOUNT option .

How do I enter SIJE-E?
If you already have an account, log in with your username and password; If you don’t have one, you can get one through the CREATE ACCOUNT option .

I lost my password or do not remember it, how do I recover it?
To recover your password, enter the SIJE-E main screen ) and choose the Recover Password option .

Can I use my Electronic Mailbox account to enter SIJE-E?
Yes. You can enter SIJE-E with the same credentials as your Electronic Mailbox.

What is the Electronic Mailbox?
It is a secure electronic means through which the user is notified or communicated about the resolution of an order. When registering for the first time an account in SIJE-E, an Electronic Mailbox will be created automatically.

How do I change my user profile?
Within SIJE-E, you can change your profile by selecting it from the top menu that appears on the right side of your user photo.

Where can I update my data? (cell phone number, email, address)
You can update your personal data in your user profile.

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