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What is Boundary Redistricting?

The term boundary re-districting or boundary de-limitation is used interchangeably and is defined as :
** To fix the limits of electoral boundaries
** To alter electoral boundaries

What is the Legal Framework for Boundary Redistricting?
The legal framework is set out in Section 90 of the Belize Constitution :
** Section 90 (1) (a) states, “Each electoral division shall have as nearly as may be, an equal number of persons eligible to vote”.

** Section 90 (1) (b) states that total number of electoral divisions should not be less than 28

** Section 90 (2) states that in fixing boundaries, regard is to be given to transport, physical features, other facilities of the electoral division

Who decides on Boundary Redistricting?
The National Assembly makes the final decision
** The Elections and Boundaries Commission makes proposals to the National Assembly
** The National Assembly may accept all or part of the proposal submitted by the Elections and Boundaries Commission

Can there be less electoral divisions in the country?
In accordance with Section 90 (1) of the Constitution of Belize the total number of electoral divisions shall be not less than thirty-one (31)
(Increase of Electoral Division Act II of 2005)

When will the new electoral boundaries come into effect?
Section 91 of the Belize Constitution states that any redistricting of electoral divisions effected in accordance with Section 90 of the Belize Constitution shall in respect of the election of members of the House of Representatives come into operation at the next general election held after such re-division and not earlier.

When will the public be made aware of the new electoral divisions?
After the re-districting becomes Law, the Chief Elections Officer is to :
** Adjust the electoral register of the electoral divisions affected
** Compile new registers of electors if there are new electoral divisions
** Within 90 days publish provisional registers

The Law (Representation of The People Act) provides for 10 days for electors to make corrections and objections to names in the Provisional Registers.

What is The Elections and Boundaries Commission?
Section 88 (13) (14) of the Constitution of Belize states :
(13) The Commission shall be responsible for the direction and supervision of the registration of voters and the conduct of elections, referenda and all matters connected therewith.

(14) In the exercise of its functions, the Commission shall not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority and shall, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, act in accordance with the Representation of the People Act or any other law, rule or regulation relating to elections.

The Chairperson and members of the Commission are :
** Mr. Bernard Q. Pitts
Members :
** Mrs. Phillipa Griffith Bailey
** Mr. Derek Courtenay
** Mr. Dean Lindo
** Mr. Orlando Espat

What is The Elections and Boundaries Department?
The Elections and Boundaries Department administered by a Chief Elections Officer is responsible for the day to day electoral management on behalf of the Elections and Boundaries Commission as per the Representation of the People Act: Administrative Provision, Elections, Continuous Registration, Election Rules, Adjustment of Electoral Records in Re-division.

The Staff of Elections and Boundaries Department are public officers as defined by the Belize Constitution whose conduct is governed by the Public Service Regulations and, where appropriate, the General Workers Rule. The Chief Elections Officer is also the Head of the Department.

Presently, the Chief Elections Officer is Mrs. Josephine Tamai.

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  1. As articulated by the EBD itself: “The Elections and Boundaries Department is committed to the enhancement of democracy through the promotion of voter education and the maintenance of a legitimate, impartial, valid electoral process.” The EBD was established by amendment to the Belize Constitution in 1988. The new amendment allowed the EBD’s parent body, the EBC, to confer on it its powers in the constitution and the ROPA. Staffing the Department was delegated to the Public Services Commission, which nominated all persons in the department including, after a further amendment in 2001, the Chief Elections Officer. The Department and Chief Elections Officer is now under the control of the Prime Minister’s Office and reports to him as well as the Commission.

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