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Organisation : Elections & Boundaries Department
Announcement : Electoral Offences
Country : Belize
Applicable For : General Public
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Electoral Offences :

The attention of the General Public is drawn to the following offences under The representation of the People Act (ROPA)

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Alternation of Voter Identification Card :
Any person, who without lawful authority forges, destroys, mutilates, defaces, removes or make alternation on a Voter Identification Card is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) or to imprisonment not exceeding one year or both.

Double Registration or Seeking Registration More Than Once :
Any registered elector who applies for registration in any division and fails to disclose the fact of being already registered as an elector shall be guilty of an offensee and on summary conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars($1,000) or to imprisonment not exceeding six months or both.

False Statement :
Any person knowingly makes false statement to register as an elector shall be guilty of qan offence and on summary conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) or to imprisonment not exceeding two (2) years.

Notice To Electors :
Complete Processing of a New Elector :
** Take Proof of Elgibility to the Registration Office in your area Birth Certificate, Passport, Naturalization Certificate
** Fill out and sign Application Form and Record Card
** Take a Photograph for the ID and Record Card

2. An investigation is carried out by the Registration officer to Verify Residence

3. A temporary list of applicants called “Supplementary” is prepared by the registering Officer for public scrutiny from from 15th to the 25th of the month. These are posted at all Registration offices

4. The Magistrate in Revision Court approves the supplementary List at the end of every month.

5. A Revised List is prepared:
If there are no disqualifications at (3) above then all names appear on the Revised
Lists…If there are disqualifications, then those so disqualified are not allowed on the Revised List.

6. An ID CARD is issueed to those on the Revised List Approximately one week after the Revision Court.

Cycle For Registration :
** The process of registration is continuous.
** It is conducted every working day.
** The cycle for registratration begins on the 11th day of every month and ends on the 10th day of the following month in order to prepare the Supplementary List for the 15th of that month as required by law

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